Egg Fruit Juice……Again

When it comes to food colour, there’s nothing more palatable than the fruit yellow.The difficulty in getting good quality avacado has made me turn to the egg fruit from the tree my mother planted. Now I am addicted.One ripe egg fruit scoop with some milk, ice, honey and water in Nutribullet gives this exotic concoction.Egg fruit (Canistel) is a rare fruit in Kerala A very ripe fruit is tasty and ideal for juice The texture is exactly like medium boiled egg yolk

Egg Fruit Juice……Again

Summer Rain. And Nature’s Fury……

Dark clouds rolled over the horizon raising a canopy over the sprawling backwaters yesterday afternoon.

We moved to the balcony to absorb the beauty, but had to make a hasty retreat when the light and sound show begun. The sky was lit, and it was immediately followed by the roaring thunder, signifying that the strike is nearer than anywhere far.

Refrigerator plug was out, cricket match stopped (on TV) and wires were removed and switched off.

We still wanted the panorama and thought sitting on the sofa in the living room with view over the water would be fascinating.

Then one struck, this time the light and sound got synchronised and lasted a few moments more than what would be comfortable.

Luckily the clouds lifted the cloth covering, allowing water to come down. Apparently lighting intensity diminishes with rain.

The wind took some of the clouds away and I would have been happy if the rain lasted some more time.

Switched off AC at night, first time after coming back from USA.

Summer Rain. And Nature’s Fury……

Net Brushing……

Just when I was thinking about returning to traditional methods in Brushing teeth like use of ‘Umikkari’ (charcoal stage burned rice husks) and neem leaves with stem, a dentist relation presented me this gadget on my Birthday.

This Oral B electric brush is not just that. It does more. It has a mobile stand with which you can place the mobile phone by the side of the mirror on the wall.

Connected to internet to their program site, it takes over your brushing. You just have to follow instructions. Like ‘move it three times on the left molar’. etc etc

But wait, it takes a while to learn the process.

Net Brushing……

Chakka Unda (Jackfruit Balls)……

I stopped one of my earlier posts on Chakka Pazham with invitation ‘watch this space’.

Here it is:-

Full Jackfruit

Cut and de seeded

Cooked thoroughly into a paste

Cooked further after keeping some for chakka ada, kimbilappam etc.

Made into balls, coated with roasted rice powder to prevent from sticking together

These are the most traditional, authentic and most tasty chakka undas. It will last for two years. Maybe more, but no unda lasted more than two years as they are too good to be allowed to live longer!

Time consuming and immensely intensive process. But a solution to Jackfruit planters who get pittance for the giant health food. For example my brother got INR 10 (15 cents) for a fruit, which the buyer took a truck load away. It’s retailed at non growing places at $ 20.

Feeling high with success on this difficult process and more so for generating such authentic taste that it’s like my mother’s 😍

Chakka Unda (Jackfruit Balls)……

East or West, What’s in a Direction……

Don’t call me ‘man with no sense of direction’ but I don’t know my East or west, and for that matter north or south.

I am from south India and so I love South. But then I was scared of the sales chart diving South.

And I know West, from where I am sitting in my balcony now enjoying some breeze. That’s cause someone told me that only West facing waterfront gives the breeze.

I just returned from USA, and call anyone there and the conversation is about north, east etc. No it’s even worse. It’s like ‘hey I am in mid west, and you can imagine the weather! I don’t even know West and how will I know half of it!

Worst is google navigation. ‘Turn South and proceed 2 kilometres’. Give me a break!

It’s not totally lost. Give me South, then I can stand up, raise my right hand towards South, I am facing East, behind me is West and the last option is North.

I have a sense after all

East or West, What’s in a Direction……

Chakka Pazham (Jackfruit)……

Got this fully ripe, very sweet jackfruit from family house in Thidanad.

Wrestled with it early in the morning to come upto.

1. Cutting- without proper tools it was more force than the efficiency of the blade

2. Extraction

A time consuming, highly skilled process of extracting fruit and separating the seeds.

3. Todo….

Keep a few for eating pleasure. Rest to get into a process to make jackfruit balls

The seeds mainly for occasional ‘Chakkakuru manga’ curry; arguably one of the finest.

You have to do this when you’re a Malayalee……

Watch this space.

Chakka Pazham (Jackfruit)……

Thunderous Welcome……

Got back from Florida to my favourite balcony in Uparika Malika, Thevara, Kochi, Kerala.

Summer rain is on and I have the welcome by the sheer beauty of thunderous lighting.

It’s most amazing and equally scary, but nothing better like capturing the majestic display on the skyline across the backwaters.

I like the monsoon rain which is quite tranquil, but this display followed by roaring thunder is priceless.

Thunderous Welcome……