South West Monsoon in God’s Own Country.

It looks like it, this morning, the monsoon can be earlier this year.

That’s then on a happy note after some pleasant discussions with friends in WordPress before I am writing this.

For me the rainy season is the best time in Kerala. I am looking forward to the Happy times sitting in my waterfront balcony and seeing sheets of water coming down. (Thunder and lightning, please stay away as usual).

Then the drive to Thidanad and interior Kerala when it’s raining.

This year there’s an added attraction. Like I posted yesterday, Neelakurinji will carpet the Munnar hills with bluish flowers again after 2006. I hope to see a number of friends coming down for that. I am only too happy to assist.

And the second Saturday of August (every year it’s on that day) the world’s best boat race ‘Nehru Trophy Vallamkaly’ will be held in Punnamada waters in Alleppey.

I am really hoping that I will be seeing some of you, at least, for these Happy experiences.

South West Monsoon in God’s Own Country.

Neelakurinji, The Flower Wonder ‘

Imagine acres and acres of mountains carpeted with the most enchanting flowers. That’s exciting, and now listen carefully, this flower comes up once in 12 years. That makes it the wonder!

Last time this happened in 2006, and after 12 years Munnar in Kerala, india is going to see the flowers carpeting mountains in July-August 2018.

This is a must see phenomenon and plan your holiday to Kerala during this time.

The crowd is expected to be huge and hence the Kerala tourism people are planning restrictions during the peak season. I think they are opening online booking in early June and those interested may look for the booking online so that one gets to see the phenomenon.

Please let me know if you’re interested in planning a kerala holiday along with the Neelakurinji Visit and I can assist with suggestions.

As for Neelakurinji, if you miss this year, the next flowering will be in 2030.

And Kerala is a lovely tourist destination and to me the best time is July-August when it rains. By the way Kerala is called ‘God’s Own Country’.

A chance to see a Wonder! Goforit 🌹

Neelakurinji, The Flower Wonder ‘

Importance of Being Here…..

We are a strong family in this WordPress site. The family members are mostly known to each other only through what one writes here, but we know the bond is too strong and amazing.

It’s often said that such online connections are fake and real friends and real life are more important. That’s true!

NO, wait, I said that for the sake of saying and that may not be correct, BECAUSE I have more serious friends, many of who I don’t know their whereabouts. But many of you are closer and loving to me than the good physical friends I have.

But when a physical friend is a true friend, he will be here on WordPress for you. That means I have many more real friends here.

And we care! I get more advices, suggestions, recommendations and guidance from this group than what I could get anywhere. I have an author sending me her book, autographed by surface mail across the oceans.

I have a friend suggesting me to keep chest hair when I wrote on shaving it off. Her opinion ‘what’s inside you is what people love you for’ 💖

You can write your mind, prose and poetry and the messages are understood and acknowledged. And more importantly, you can learn much more cute things here than from anywhere else.

You like some people more, and that’s quite natural. But when one of them says that she’s planning to quit WordPress, your feeling is like losing someone dear. I hope nothing like that will happen. We need each other, and we’re here to make this a better place 💓

Importance of Being Here…..

Like Myself…..Actually Love 💖

I am a sincere follower on WordPress for you guys. Of late I am quite attracted to poetry and follow some poets more than ardently.

After falling in love with poetry, I started even producing a few of my own. And I am grateful to you for encouraging me, in spite of all the flaws.

Then there are some, who I admire, poets, prose writers and both who sometimes talk about ‘love yourself’ as the first and foremost.

I have decided to try that. I like me, but never thought about loving me.

And like all stupid guys, first thing coming to my mind is to look good so that I can love me.

Otherwise, all are okay, like I have a beautiful mind (say yes please) etc etc, and of course age is just a number 😉

Looks, well I am good looking, but can be better. And the steps are

1. Solve the receding hair by shaving them off

2. Build muscles and tone the body by:

a) Yoga

b) strength training and pull-up bars

c) swimming

d) some adjustments in food, not much 😊

e) use the trimmer at point 1 to remove chest hair etc.

f) use special trimmer for removing hair in the nose and any on ears.

(What if there’s no six pack; it’s looking toned up and really good 😜)

I think now I am ready to love me.❤️

Interested in joining? VERY VERY WELCOME 😊

Like Myself…..Actually Love 💖

Power of Poetry…..

I used to skip poetry as i believed that i didn’t have the skills to read, write or appreciate in this highly skilled arena.

Then I started reading them, perhaps in line with my nature of encouraging people. That’s when it happened.

I am now totally hooked to poetry. It comes from the heart of the poet. But the interesting thing is that you get a meaning from it in line with the state of affairs of your own heart.

That makes one fall in love with poetry and poet. So far so good.

Then you get an urge to attempt to write your own poetry. That’s a paradigm shift. You start believing in passion. When you write, your heart starts telling your readers in many languages and meanings.

And you start reading other’s poetry assigning your own meaning. See, falling in love with a poet is easy when your heart says that the poet is talking to you.

There are some, of course, who does that. They are the best. Some good ones pretend you don’t exist. But in your heart of hearts you know that those words are for you. That’s what your heart is telling you.

Now imagine a situation when a daydreamer gets hooked to poetry. That’s destruction. That’s like a giant volcano erupting and hot lava flowing passionately.

And think of the self styled Walter Mitty getting interested. You have to save him…..

Power of Poetry…..

Jasmine & Stone

It was me, like the Jasmine

With some Pebbles as friends

They picked up my dust

And received my fragrance

For it’s said in sayings

A touch of jasmine’s dust

Even the rough as pebble

Stand to acquire a fragrance

I was no poet, no never

Couldn’t read poetry

For, I didn’t understand any

Then how, to write a love story

Then I got friends, most beautiful

Poets, who make a heart to skip beats

Poetry flowing like molten lava

Engulfing all loving hearts

I would jump in hot lava

Searching for the jasmine’s pollen

Stretching a thirsty tongue

Swirling to gather any dust and honey

Here a poetry is born

With stone stretching out

And exploring the flower

For some dust and honey

Stone assumes the fragrance

Of the beautiful jasmine

And the child born out here

Is hopefully a loving poem.

Jasmine & Stone

When Imperfect and Ineligible……

When imperfect and ineligible for something, it’s of no use running away and be sorry about it. Perhaps it’s a good idea to search for what you can and maximise it’s potential.

Once we do that, we’re likely to achieve the happiness that we’re searching for.

Question then… won’t there be a regret?

Answer is yes! But it’s our fault. The two negatives here won’t make it a positive. At the same time they need not destroy us. Pick up what you see and what you can and there’ll be bliss.

When the heart is pure, nothing else matters!


When Imperfect and Ineligible……