A Day After The Rains

We are seeing some sunlight after a prolonged period of rains in Kerala.

There have been floods particularly in central Kerala where I come from. My river was flooded for a day and i had a video of it in one of my recent posts.

Interestingly the floods were received in different ways in the interior countryside. It spread havoc in water filled areas like Alapuzha, it was received with fun and frolics in places like Pala.

Our sympathies and concerns go to those who suffered with the flood waters. At the same time the presence of mind and initiatives of those who decided to make the best out of the situation also may be lauded.

There have been revellers with small boats sailing through the flooded roads and those enjoying the natures gift of swinging pools.

We are on to some of the best things in the coming weeks 1. Nehru Trophy Boat race, the best race in the world happening on the second Saturday of August.2. Onam festivals last week of August 3. The must see phenomenon of Neelakurinji flowering 12 years after 2006, during August to October in Munnar.Flooding celebrated in bus stand in Pala Neelakurinji Boat race with boats carrying well over 100 oarsmen


Coffee, Machines Or Me!

I don’t have any strong habits when it comes to minor vices. But a cup of hot coffee is sort of a habit.

Somehow the passion is waning:

This giant one from Sams Club is for the convenience, and may not be for taste

And speaking of taste-

This machine instantly grinds roasted coffee beans and makes upto 12 cups of pure coffee. The aroma when the grinding happens is enticing.

This Scandinavian one with the red, synchronised with my wife’s red kitchen is now a showpiece.

And the cute little one for the very best filter coffee has a longer wait.

Now it’s a choice “Coffee, Tea or Me”


Income Tax Return Filing

I have been filing income tax returns myself ever since i had the income subject to tax payment and return filing, except for the last Assessment Year when I used a professional accountant.

And I realised that I had to give him all the details which he put into the format and send back to me for verification and confirmation.

The issue was that he would file on the due date only which for a disciplined person like me (haha) would create personal Tenson.

And I am filing it myself again.

But I am burning the midnight oil trying to resolve a difference in the calculated tax by the sophisticated Tax Department xml utility and my xcel sheet.

Interestingly the department calculation gives me a handsome refund and it’s one of those times when one’s happy to be wrong 😉


A Train Journey

I just landed in Kochi, coming from Bangalore by train. That’s eventful as I don’t usually travel by train as I don’t like it.

No, it’s not snobbish as there are so many things like washrooms, the way people eat in the train (looks like some people travel only for eating) etc etc.

Since we were to bring some stuff from Bangalore and since the baggage allowance of airlines inadequate, my wife persuaded me to travel by train.

We tried booking by first class airconditioned cabin but were in waiting list. She called her brother who was General Manager of Southern Railway and got emergency quota released.

Cabin was good, but on the whole not good enough for the price which was higher than airfare. The compartment was at the fag end making us walk the distance. Train came and landed on one of the outer platforms thus making us to take the over bridge.

Sad was to see the porter carrying the heavy boxes. Some handsome tips could not erase the guilt feeling.


My River

This was where most of my childhood was spent. The river in front of my father’s house is full with incessant rain that Kerala has not seen before.

The little gate, seen in the video leads to the water for us to get into the river, is under water now.

This flooding will not last long as the fast flowing water will recede soon and water get cleared once the rain stops.

And here’s an old photo of how the river looked before


Über and Ola

We will be going back to Kochi after the longest stay in Bangalore in recent times, some 23 days.

This time we took a calculated decision not to drive and came by one of those cheap flights. The reason was the ever increasing bangalore traffic and the availability of über and Ola.

Moving around, it’s clear that both the companies are adopting some tactics to extract unreasonably higher fare from the passengers.

If the fare during the day between 10.30 am to 2 pm is x, then it’s 2.5x in the evenings and similar high earlier in the morning.

It’s not only based on the demand and a demand based pricing, as for example the micro, mini, premium categories are priced the same during the busy hours.

Of course the price is given before the booking and we have a choice, but there’s some trust loss.

We need to come back after a week and I may drive from Kochi this time.

Über and Ola

The Generation Gap

After starting to write a book to tick an item in the bucket list, I think I have a new view on the so called generation gap.

So far my outlook towards the term has been on the difference caused by the technological advancements and the consequent lifestyle changes.

Admittedly the new generation is smarter and they’ve access and skills to do many things the earlier generation couldn’t do.

However, when I took a close look at my childhood days, I could see many things that the present generation could be totally missing.

These may be small things like walking barefoot, climbing a tree, milking a cow or at least watching it, collecting honey etc. But a modern day childhood can have none of these.

The nature is also different, having been destroyed by the carelessness of the earlier generation.

That’s where I have this idea now, of building something around memories for the new generation children to have a sneak peek preview of my childhood, in a small way.

And here I got the name of my book also, which is going to be the same as the one I would build. It’s my way of showing a generation gap, but the name is not generation gap!

The Generation Gap