Book Review. ‘Love.Exe’ by Manju Nambiar.

Manju book

My Bucket List had a book in it and I was not sure as to what and how I should be writing one. Some well-wishers suggested to write a travelogue as I used to travel for work or otherwise.

I was also lucky that I am a member of this blog group and help came up instantaneously. The sum total was the realization that I should be writing from the heart.

Encouraged by the support I decided to start writing and brought up an idea of forming the ‘Book Writers’ Club’ which was joined by a few friends. And I wanted my first few pages to be seen and reviewed by the club members.

I got a real review, ably correcting the plenty of mistakes and telling what should be taken care of from one of the members. She had one book published and here I am talking about her second and lovely book ‘Love.Exe’

If you have downloaded a complicatd software on an unreliable computer with moody internet, you get a picture of how the author unfurls the story. The story progresses like the exact stages in the software download, with the several yes/no, true/false confirmations concluding with the finish button.

That alone would make the book a hit among the tech savvy new generation. Particularly since the background is set on the dream destination for Indians for study and work – the U S A and Ivy League colleges, full scholarships and dream jobs with new gen tech and online companies.

About the Author

Manju Nambiar, originally from Kerala in India, after higher education in USA, now works in a leading frim in San Jose California and lives there with husband and daughter. Her first book ‘The Money Lender’ has been a hit.

The book is available on Amazon

382 pages

My review

The main character is a bright and beautiful girl from an orthodox South Indian family with ambition set on the typical Indian youngster intention of living the American Dream.

Marriage is what the parents think of daughters and that is what the compromise for any dream.

There is a transition from an attempted arranged marriage to love led marriage. Imagine the situation when the parties involved are the same in both the scenarios.

As a reader, I have a weakness of getting attached to the lead character. That is not the problem. The problem is that whoever is a villain to the good character (mostly heroine) has a red mark on him from me. And when the author cleverly brings the two close to where they work, I am not happy to see the villain making any gains on the heroine.

But I am unique. Almost all the others love the twist and are fascinated by the details of a real Indian experience in the campus and workplace in USA, especially when the love dominates the details. The book is a complete success in meticulously detailing every steps in the life of Indian Americans living the American Dream in the University and work office.

That’s when, though I wouldn’t like the villain coming anywhere near my heroine, all except me will be thrilled at the way the two get closer and closer and closer.

That makes a reader to get hooked on the book. That is everybody, young, old and even me.

Great romantic book and highly recommended.


Book Review. ‘Love.Exe’ by Manju Nambiar.

A Magic Potion.. The Elixir

When you get up in the morning, not exactly being sure of the mood, but knowing that it’s not the best, and come across some poetry in passion and romance!

You have the Elixir, and it’s a magic potion too and then you’re all awake, ready for sure.

Such is the power of poetry and I am happy to drink the Elixir and I am on.

And of course, memories too.

Such special

Thank you.

A Magic Potion.. The Elixir

Wonder If They Even Visit!

I was inspired by a friend who blogged here occasionally, that i started blogging.

And then I invited some of my friends to the pages through email. And they’re still email followers.

Sad thing is that I don’t get any comments or likes from this group and I am not sure if they even visit WordPress!

One of the memorable marketing advertisements that I had come across was with tag line “we look after our existing clients while chasing new ones”.

That’s well and okay. But the accompanying picture took the cake. It had a rooster energetically chasing a hen, and another ruffled and tired hen is seen behind, just getting up on feet.

Though I could remember the words, I lost the picture and I am no artist to recreate something like that.

And I do care for the first time followers and will try and activate them. That’s priceless!

Wonder If They Even Visit!

Coconut Consumerism

Consumerism is increasing use in an economically feasible way. Actually I am not going to delve into the merits and demerits of consumerism. Here I am talking about coconut becoming super food and then becoming hard to get and the resultant trade practices.

Earlier coconuts used to be sold by numbers. But the goodness of it, resulting in demand and price increase, made sellers to sell by weight.

That’s fine, but increasing the weight by retaining some husk on it is not fine. Here the coconut with husk on would weigh at least 10% more than the equally sized one with husk removed.

So who’s the winner in this consumerism! The buyer ends up paying more for the husk, and he has to remove it spending extra time and effort before use!

There’s always a remedy and like in all anti consumerism methods, it’s rather difficult. That’s to grow your own coconuts and if necessary limit it’s use.

After all, we are victims of consumerism.

Coconut Consumerism

Hungarian Goulash. I Made It! Yaay.

When I started my ‘Cooking Exotica & Fitness’ broadcast whatsapp group, I didn’t think that I would get to make such a traditional and centuries old international dish. And as certified by my wife, it’s superb!

Thanks to Diane whose blog site ‘indianeskitchen’ is always an inspiration.

I am pleased to get glowing feedback from my group which included the comment ‘restaurant quality’ from a leading restaurateur, are quite satisfying.

Yes friends, it turned out to be exceptionally good, giving me confidence to venture into similar ones in future.

Thanks again Diane and if you are not yet following her blog, here’s the link to the dish.

Hungarian Goulash. I Made It! Yaay.


Is not a feeling when you get zero response to your query in the blog post.

I looked at the messages when I got up and there’s nothing. And then I looked at the mirror.

Oh yes, that’s confirmation, there’s not even a trace of smug in there!


Extreme Moderation

A few years back I set 700 as the calories to burn during physical activities and measured on the Apple Watch.

Sometime back I read out my own slogan of ‘never too late’ and decided to give a try on some six packs and building muscles.

So it was some extreme activities in addition to Yoga and it was 21 suryanamaskars and either of swimming or strength training every day.

The result was about 1400 calories burned against target of 700. Extreme!!

Then I noticed symptoms of protein deficiency and went for some whey protein powder.

And I gained 5 kilos which is not good. I hope some of the experts will read this and advise me.

I have reduced workouts to yoga along with suryanamaskar, swimming and iron pumping alternating. That means I do suryanamaskar, swimming or strength training once in three days. And still I burn about 900 calories. Extreme moderation.

I wonder:

1. Weight gain is fat replaced with heavier muscles

2. My decision of junking protein powder and going for natural sources like eggs are correct. (How many eggs?).

Good news is ‘muscles are visible’.

Extreme Moderation