Book Review. ‘Love.Exe’ by Manju Nambiar.

Manju book

My Bucket List had a book in it and I was not sure as to what and how I should be writing one. Some well-wishers suggested to write a travelogue as I used to travel for work or otherwise.

I was also lucky that I am a member of this blog group and help came up instantaneously. The sum total was the realization that I should be writing from the heart.

Encouraged by the support I decided to start writing and brought up an idea of forming the ‘Book Writers’ Club’ which was joined by a few friends. And I wanted my first few pages to be seen and reviewed by the club members.

I got a real review, ably correcting the plenty of mistakes and telling what should be taken care of from one of the members. She had one book published and here I am talking about her second and lovely book ‘Love.Exe’

If you have downloaded a complicatd software on an unreliable computer with moody internet, you get a picture of how the author unfurls the story. The story progresses like the exact stages in the software download, with the several yes/no, true/false confirmations concluding with the finish button.

That alone would make the book a hit among the tech savvy new generation. Particularly since the background is set on the dream destination for Indians for study and work – the U S A and Ivy League colleges, full scholarships and dream jobs with new gen tech and online companies.

About the Author

Manju Nambiar, originally from Kerala in India, after higher education in USA, now works in a leading frim in San Jose California and lives there with husband and daughter. Her first book ‘The Money Lender’ has been a hit.

The book is available on Amazon

382 pages

My review

The main character is a bright and beautiful girl from an orthodox South Indian family with ambition set on the typical Indian youngster intention of living the American Dream.

Marriage is what the parents think of daughters and that is what the compromise for any dream.

There is a transition from an attempted arranged marriage to love led marriage. Imagine the situation when the parties involved are the same in both the scenarios.

As a reader, I have a weakness of getting attached to the lead character. That is not the problem. The problem is that whoever is a villain to the good character (mostly heroine) has a red mark on him from me. And when the author cleverly brings the two close to where they work, I am not happy to see the villain making any gains on the heroine.

But I am unique. Almost all the others love the twist and are fascinated by the details of a real Indian experience in the campus and workplace in USA, especially when the love dominates the details. The book is a complete success in meticulously detailing every steps in the life of Indian Americans living the American Dream in the University and work office.

That’s when, though I wouldn’t like the villain coming anywhere near my heroine, all except me will be thrilled at the way the two get closer and closer and closer.

That makes a reader to get hooked on the book. That is everybody, young, old and even me.

Great romantic book and highly recommended.


Book Review. ‘Love.Exe’ by Manju Nambiar.

Can’t Have it All

We are in Mauritius. This is the first serious holiday after my passion for fitness and dream of six packs took shape.

While the holiday is quite enjoyable and pleasurable for me the water loving, something’s are to be compromised.

Food in plenty, and other holiday activities are actually eating into my yoga, suryanamaskar, lap swimming and strength training routine.

There’s a pool and gym in the hotel but holiday obligations are other.

Frankly I am worried about the recovery efforts required when I am back

Can’t Have it All

Toll Plaza Experiences

Sometime back I wrote about some taxi drives of Meru etc. service companies in Bangalore charging return toll fare while going from airport to city.

Yesterday a recorded message on the Meru Taxi said ‘the toll will be added to the final fare, please don’t pay cash’.

The driver however paid cash and I think he got ₹51 back as change for the ₹100 he paid.

The one way fare added to the taxi fare was ₹85.

Perhaps there were complaints of ₹130 charged as return fare, though I was lazy to complain. Or more likely it’s the bulk discount secured by the Taxi company, that is effecting a change.

Then there’s no complaint as we rarely see any business passing on any tax, refund or rebate benefits to the customer.

Just an observation, hurriedly made from the aircraft on way to a holiday in Mauritius- Yaay.

Toll Plaza Experiences

Waking Heartbeat

My Apple Watch gives me some important measurements that I monitor on a daily basis. Key among them are Heartbeat at different stages, sleep and quality of it and measurement of statistics of workouts.

One of the important of these is the waking Heartbeat. It’s around 50 per minute usually, but this morning it showed 61.

Clearly, this is the outcome of some anxiety. And it’s for no real reason though.

We are onto a week’s holiday in Mauritius and it starts today.

That means the household affairs are to be taken care of, which include many things related to what I view as inefficiency with banks and other service providers.

I like travel and flying, but the uncertainty on restrictions on gadgets and batteries is a concern. I have detachable, inbuilt and rechargeable batteries for my essential gadgets and a power pack. And I have been wondering what to take in hand and what to be checked in, what will get rejected etc.

That’s the little bit of unnecessary anxiety raising my waking Heartbeat by 20%.

Come to think of it, the first activity on getting up, checking messages from friends here, on Instagram, Facebook, messenger and mail have a very soothing effect and priceless.

Good morning dear friends 🌻

Waking Heartbeat

Water Transport

This is brand new photo from our balcony, a boat service between Kochi and Vaikom covering in about 2 hours. It’s transport plus leisure as the route is scenic.

There are AC and Non AC sections costing ₹ 80 and ₹ 40 respectively. I would imagine non AC would be more pleasing to the eye and for the natural breeze.

Few months from now would be the starting of water metro using German made luxury boats, connecting various locations in and around Kochi.

Ideally the entire Kerala could be connected with some linking of rivers and that could be replicated in the country. It will decongest the roads and offer clean efficient and less expensive passenger and goods transport.

Mouth watering prospects, just tarnished in last night’s get-together where the number one ranking official of the state was struggling to give any prospect of a viable solid waste management system for the state.

That then would be the missing link for this demographically advanced state to claim world class standards.

Water Transport

Positive Psychology

The young Harvard professor Ben Sahar is apparently the craze in Harvard with students queuing up for his Positive Psychology class.

It’s about happiness, self-esteem and motivation and his key tips are relevant for the purpose, I think

1. Thank God for everything you have

2. Practice physical activity

3. Have breakfast

4. Be assertive

5. Spend your money on experiences

6. Face your challenges

7. Put everywhere nice memories, phrases, photos of your loved ones

8. Always greet and be nice to other people

9. Wear comfortable shoes

10. Take care of your posture

11. Listen to music

12. What you eat has an impact on your mood

13. Take care of yourself and feel attractive

14. Fervently believe in God

15. Develop a good sense of humour

It’s not rocket science. We all have many of them. Then why not focus on the ones lacking and we may feel good.

Positive Psychology

Bird Photography

When your theories on ancient wisdom, power of the universe and serendipity etc. help to confuse some of your friends, a good way to recover and look for some other time to try your luck with KJ’s principles; is to shoot with your camera.

The yellow beauty here was playing hide and seek with me. Finally it gave me an opportunity to partially expose.

The next frame of her taking off was too good to lose with the camera click. That’s to speak like a great photographer like in Walter Mitty. Or was it that I was slow to react in the split second!

And the stork was in a self love ‘me too’ mood and I thought it was waiting for a tiny fish to emerge from the sand below. Well I remained focused for a half hour, but the ‘love my shadow’ was well played.

A good tip for when you find ‘nobody likes me’.

Bird Photography

Views, Likes and Comments

I came across a blog post here where the blogger pointed out that many of the views, likes and comments on our blog posts are without even opening them.

I must admit that it’s partly true or sometimes we quickly browse through some good posts worth it’s weight in gold.

And then, here I pause a little. There’s something else. And I am talking about me and hope many of you will agree.

I have been spending sometime on this site and I have some very intense friendship with many blog friends.

And I think I am at a stage where I absorb the wisdom, passion and the essence of a post, just by looking at the summary.

Such is the connection with my friends and it’s just amazing. Actually I read posts of friends and the essence gathered first by the mere glance is the same after careful reading also.

Nowhere else we can feel this connection. It’s the work of the Universe getting us together here and working the miracle.

Views, Likes and Comments