Interesting Sermon

Church on Sundays for me is about discipline and fond childhood memories of going with my mother to the village church.

Weather was clear after several days of rain and since my wife was nursing a bad cold, I decided to walk to the nearby church where the children’s mass is celebrated at 9am.

There was a new priest who delivered an excellent sermon targeted at the children. He used soccer as the tool to attract the kid’s attention and gave his gospel messages cleverly riding on the popularity of soccer and the icon players.

Interestingly it caught my attention. I learned that Christiano Ronaldo had heart ate of over 100 when he was a child. Louis Saurez was a street boy. Messy had a messy childhood, Naimar no different and the Iranian goalkeeper was a shepherd boy who later ran away to play football and was cleaning Tehran streets when someone picked him up due to his extra long hands etc.

The message is ‘hard work to reach the goals’.

I am sure the kids also loved it.

Interesting Sermon

Convenience Charges. Digital Exploitation

Digitalising the economy and anything connected with it are the most embraced activities of our times.

Meeting many of our daily requirements using the internet and mostly by click of a button is convenient.

So it may sound okay to levy a fee for this convenience.

But there’s an issue. While it’s convenient for the user, it’s more convenient for the service provider.

Take for example the airlines. Online booking saves a lot for the airline, like less staff required, no handling of cash or cheque, no printing of fancy tickets, ability to sell the unsold seats etc are some of them.

Then why penalise the customer for bringing in the convenience and saving.

And then the travel agent aggregators. They will not be in business unless people buy online. They get all of airline benefits mentioned above, plus plus. Then why charge fee to customers for their being in business!!

Cinema houses get all these privileges plus plus. And they’re also ready to partake in the looting.

I remember when I was managing card business, getting into arrangements with movie houses for giving random free tickets and other incentives if booked online using the card.

The same way, travel miles were awarded and redeemed online with participation from airlines and travel agents.

Then why in India where cashless society is a dream, the exploitation by airlines etc are allowed?

This has to change by regulation or customer pressure. Ease My Trip, a new travel provider doesn’t have a convenience fee. I wish ticket migration will happen to them.

However there’s another loophole. I booked some bargain air tickets through Ease My Trip without convenience fee. But for cancelling the tickets, I have to pay them and the airlines something more than the ticket price.

Cartels are illegal. Regulators should wake up and punish these guilty. Asking to pay more than the price for cancellation is a crime. Charging customers for the convenience enjoyed by the seller is also a crime.

Criminal activities are involved. High time for action and punishment.

Convenience Charges. Digital Exploitation

Plastic Activism

A large number of friends are really annoyed and express strongly against the spread of use and more importantly the littering and consequent damage to environment and living species, with the use of plastic.

I support them wholeheartedly.

But there’s another evil happening, at least in india in the guise of punishing for the use of plastics. Traders, including big supermarket chains punish customers for using their plastic bags for carrying purchases home.

For those with significant sales this charging for use of plastic bags is a substantial revenue item. The charge is many times the cost of the bag.

Are they accounting this free income? Are they paying taxes on it?

If the purpose is to discourage the use of plastic, shouldn’t the packet that’s charged be made of ecofriendly stuff ( some do).

Either way, shouldn’t the charge be just to recover the cost, if it can’t be absorbed as cost of sales!

It’s not fair if allowed to make a huge profit by selling plastic bags.

Is the money going at least for charity!

In the absence of any of these, it’s evil.

Plastic Activism

Yoga Day, Make It Everyday

Today, the international yoga day is an ideal day to speak of Yoga.

I am a late entrant to yoga, but instead of regretting the lost years, let me look at how I can practice it to the best advantage.

I do mainly the breathing, pranayama, stretches, sarvangasana, shavasana, eye, shoulder, joints, lymph etc. exercises. But the main item is Suryanamaskar.

I find suryanamaskars the best of all exercises and would recommend to anyone anytime.

Yoga, together with swimming and or strength training is the route I hope to travel, to cope with you youngsters.

Yoga Day, Make It Everyday

Being a Global Citizen

I have been fortunate, thanks mostly to Standard Chartered Bank to live in a number of countries as part of work requirements.

That way I lived in Philippines, Hong Kong, London and Kuwait in addition to India. Interestingly a couple of these postings involved frequent travel and working with staff located in about 25 additional countries

Such exposure and multicultural interaction has been a most cherished life experience.

Now that i am back in India, i am fortunate to be in touch with a large number of people that my life touched.

And then I have a much more expanded friendship community here in WordPress. The daily interaction and learning that I enjoy here, reassures my calling myself a global citizen.

Being a Global Citizen

I will be Obliged to Hear From You

My post ‘a Few Words From You’ has made a few of our friends suggesting to do it among ourselves.

That is, write a brief on how we regard and think of each other. Compile them into a precious document for each.

I hope I can get comments on me onto a specific post dedicated for the purpose. But how can I compile one for each one of you to include comments from everyone.

I will be happy to hear your suggestions for this.

If necessary, kindly read my previous post again to understand the details of this plan.

I will treasure the compiled remarks and intend to frame it and keep with me.

A very happy thought indeed

I will be Obliged to Hear From You

A Few Words From You

I am usually guilty of keeping a blank mind and literally letting what comes through one ear to go through the other, while listening to church sermons on Sundays.

Something caught my attention yesterday when the young priest narrated the story of a teacher asking an unruly class to do something.

She asked the each one in the class to write about each of the other students in the class. She spend time to compile the comments for each student and handed them the sheet with the comments for each student.

She could see many moist eyes and silence and smiles when the students read what others thought about them.

Many years later there was an alumni gathering and there were wrinkled, folded and opened many times, sheets of paper. It was a solemn occasion when eyes were moist and the teacher getting hugs from them whispering that it was the best thing ever happened to them.

I am just thinking, what if each one of us blog friends write one or two things about each other! And it get compiled for each of us.

I think it will be the best challenge, best award and it will be just priceless.

A Few Words From You