Why and how am I a teetotaler? Hailing from the most consuming place Kanjirapally in the most consuming state Kerala and from a large syrian Christian family where anytime is drinktime and non veg on table four times a day! How come I am a teetotaler?

Perhaps I want to be different. To start with I am darker of the 10 siblings. Oh no! In a society loving fair skin. Is that correct? Almost all the pretty ones around clearly preferred the darker stud.

‘Karumban’ the abusive Malayalam slang for the dark skinned evoked armed (pelted stones) response. Must have made me tough in the belief that I am to be different. Different itself is different. Lack of alcohol addiction replaced devoted addiction to opposite sex. But here again different in attracting with best of behavior.

Damn, that’s why this obsession about rules and discipline. But it is said, rules don’t apply for two cases.

Gang leader without slapping anyone a single time. Godfather enforcing gang rules. Desire to be on the right.

Do things on free will and not as slave to alcoholic high. Cigarettes- won’t get stamina for water polo.

AND the story

Everyone in the village get drunk. Visitors can’t get directions assistance. Village chief drew lots for the person to be sane. And guess what! I got the number.


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