5000 rupees lunch

It was not just curiosity but abundant admiration that raised my eyebrows when I heard that a relation has priced home cooked lunch at Rs.5000. And her book is full.

The lunch is followed by a simple demonstration of Kerala style of cutting pineapple. And you know what; this activity has been reviewed and tweeted among the larger international audience.

Ancestral- heritage house in a beautiful estate is ideal for a very successful ‘hom stay’ offer. But they didn’t want to go to the full set of activities and decided on just the lunch.

International exposure and experience could contribute in developing the huge opportunity in single unit home stays and related activities like the simple lunch. Home food is tasty, but a little bit of advice here and there by food experts focusing on hygiene and ambience can make a difference.

And plastic payment method adds to convenience, facilitate ease in direct booking and may result in an on the spot decision to acquire an item like an antique piece which may be available to change hands at a price. Recent development of security proof e-commerce may extend this payment method to boutique home stays and link them to international tour sites.


5000 rupees lunch

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