Morning Blues

I had it this morning. Got up early to beat the traffic. No it’s not true, traffic is lean now with people in desert in camps, but it’s the habit from school crowd.

At office nothing to do but office work. Here’s the morning blues. Nothing else to do. How terrible it is!

Then there’s whatsapp! Messaged a dear friend and found out that I have actually woken up the person who had taken a day off, may be out of morning blues. Apologised but gave a task. To give me an assignment to work on. Remember I assume the role of the mentor.

Looked at whatsapp page of those who are not hiding to see who all are awake and sent ‘good morning ‘. And them – what’s up?

Then there’s audio/video from another friend which brought a smile to the face.

Oh many things are happening. A great great friend is in transit at airport en route New York and calls.

Simultaniously a classmate on whatsapp saying she is cooking chendamuriyan kappa (tapioca or  kasava).

Put all together – where’s the blues?

Ready for work. Sure the output will be super.

And waiting for the assignment from the dear friend who I woke up.

Have a great day. Stay closer on whatsapp


Morning Blues

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