Unsolicited Advice

‘Don’t do weights every day’ quipped this thoroughly out of shape guy in the gym.

You are no one to advise me! My gal admires ma ‘V’ shape; though X’Mas pushed it towards the pear, and I have to get back.

Reminded of the Hong Kong days. The gym at minus four level of the posh Robinson Place in Mid-Levels, provided by standard chartered bank is the best for many reasons. 6 days a week and weekends lasting over 3 hours and pumping iron four times the weight I am doing now had very visible effects. And I did alternate giving chance to the muscles to recover. Swift changes and chiseled muscles attracted attention and tip seekers adopted me as coach.

And then this high level conference in Bangkok. Was out with my boss, his boss and our lateral boss to Pat Pong where you must go when you are a man. The ideal dress code for the evening march for massage was skin tight black tea shirt with clinging short sleeves and smart shorts.

The march of the foursome had many encounters enroute. And guess what, the show off biceps were groped and thick Asian accents squeaked ‘healthy man’.

Three men shouted at me in unison “get out of here, don’t walk with us”.


Unsolicited Advice

4 thoughts on “Unsolicited Advice

  1. Marykutty says:

    This is very common .Every Tom Dick Harry is an expert these days! May be, he was just envious, like those other guys in Hong Kong . Afraid they will never get a chance because of you! Anyway keep at it!


  2. Whenever I joined a new gym in China, sooner or later some guy would challenge me to a bench press contest because Chinese people don’t think overweight people can be strong. So I would let them bench their max first, then put a 45 pound plate on each side and press that a few times. Fortunately the big guys in their gyms weren’t the jerks.

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