The item ‘chance to make it big’ tried to conclude that by not embracing the entrepreneurial spirit earlier in life, I didn’t loose out as the international assignments gave hundreds of friends across the globe. Many of them say hi at least once in a week.

Now it’s planning time again. Back to roots is farming which is to happen.

Start-up is trending. And why not.

Then the desire to do something to develop and grow friendship among a select few. One identified is very loving and lovable and when came closer displayed unique inner strength.

Another, a chance re-encounter sparked attention and displayed extraordinary courage, smartness and affection.

Two among the numerous friends. Probably not! What to do then? Do something to get three families into a common thread. Start-up, but start with investment in skills. One of the spouses is trained in the activity around initial plan. Another spouse is a well rounded event manager. Have to get to know the third.

Have one year for planning. Will it be the initial plan? Will there be more partners?

One clear dividend is a board meeting in a resort followed by a lovely family get-together.

Time to put the thinking hats on!



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