Grass Widower

Wife is away for 10days in India. Office has been busy, but the weekend!! The so called mental clock worked even before the usual alarm time. This despite  watching on Netflix the Batalan rescue movie early into the morning. Was enthusiastic as it is about my favorite place Philippines, where I left like Gen McArthur swearing “I will return”.

Weekend in Kuwait is different! No one cares about another and people, like me, believe in respecting privacy of others. Shoutout if anyone differs!

So Netflix again. Bored again! Shower- nice hot one, and decided to enjoy for longer time. After a while forgot if the old fashioned soap was applied at all. Soap again; must be the second time.

Start up planning in the head. Attempted conceptualisation of the idea mentioned by a third possible partner. Looking good.

Breakfast. Too lazy to get out and go for dosas and sambars. No I am a mallu. Made poottu and remembered old girl who is moving from kochi to Bangalore and called from the airport.

Actually a few days as grass widower is okay. Those days when parents in-law were alive it used to be two weeks extended every week. Got the clue from an office circular. If staff takes leave for over a month you are eligible for a substitute. Read the riot act to the inlaws.

What to do now? Start- up project plan? More from Netflix? May enjoy sometime in the afternoon in the bathtub, and try to take a nap there.

Yes of course, nobody cares!!

Grass Widower

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