Jasmine Fragrance

“Mulla poompody ettu kidakkum kallinumundamoru saugantham”. (Even a stone touching a jasmine will have a fragrance). The Jasmine is so very unique and so very beautiful to make this stone to absorb some fragrance.

What a pleasant experience! What learning! And it helps in believing that you have so many gaps and opportunities to be just better.

Frankly it’s unexpected. The core is so stable, balanced and quite invisible. The stone made a conscious effort to get closer to jasmine and got mesmerized, thought it is adoration the only right option but can absorb the fragrance which is in abundance.

Jasmine’s message to the stone; “come and enjoy the fragrance”, and listen carefully “be selfish to be happy ”

Oh yah, be selfish to be happy.


Jasmine Fragrance

2 thoughts on “Jasmine Fragrance

  1. Marykutty says:

    The relation between the mullappoo and the kallu is probably symbiotic. I read something similar by Khalil Gibran about the relationship between a flower and a bee. According to him, the flower enjoys as much pleasure in giving the honey to the bee as the bee enjoys taking all the honey from the flower! Isn’t it a wonderful situation where the giver and the taker are both selfish but both are happy !


    1. Very true. Thank you for for bringing the parallel from Khalil Gibran. The Kallu is basically rough and the bee can sting. But both assume a totally different coy roles, bringing in the pleasure


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