Kappi. The best 

 The world’s best coffee is claimed to be made from the droppings of wild civet cats 

Civet cats feed on coffee beans which then get half digested and discharged in forests. The carefully picked up droppings (coffee beans) make the best coffee priced some $500 for a kilo in Australia.
This Indonesian online offer brings it to us. For those purists the guarantee is given that the cats are not caged.

You never know, one may like it. I was weary of caviar as the best Beluga black ones are absolutely raw. But then in Moscow, toasts around the table were after drowning vodka followed by caviar. India-Russia friendship toast ensured many rounds of toasts and me the teetotaler liked it all including the caviar.

Now they don’t kill the sturgeon to extract eggs. We can buy if a price tag of Euro 330 for a 310 grams tin looks ok.

I may one day get to taste ‘Kopi Luwak’ when I make money for the luxury.

Kappi. The best 

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