Pen Friend 

Pen friend is a dying species. And then what about the pen per se?

I am now a collector of pens. Collection has Mont Blanc, Cross, Sheaffer, Waterman, Parker etc and they’re in a box. What about pilots and hero?- should look for some. I may display them one day. Like the plan to have a coffee table top of coins and currencies of various countries.

I thought the typical fountain pen was dead till I walked into the office of my new boss. Of course I didn’t see the pen, there was right in front of me, the ultimate weapon. The Waterman ink bottle.

Spraying a few drops of ink on foe’s shirt was a bigger crime than getting the sharp pencil tip 7 millimeters into him and watch the red sprouting and then turn darkish. Those were the school days.

Now black ink has replaced the costly shoe for political protests. No no, the target is not shirt but the face. Shirt is just the collateral, given the state of the attacker.

And then, the pen friend has a modern avatar. The virtual friend. No messy ink, no complicated inland letter cover with or without ‘airmail’ printed on and no wet tounge application to secure it.

Geography doesn’t matter, time is immaterial and best of all if you forget a killer word the device will prompt it. Just wait; no more postal stamps- it’s FREE!

You can be real time- oh yes!

Try taking the pen out. You will hear- WHATSAPP???

Pen Friend 

One thought on “Pen Friend 

  1. Marykutty says:

    Even the postage stamp is a dying species. I still use them a few times a year to send greeting / birthday cards to a select few. I keep it up because of the joy I experience in receiving one and opening and seeing the picture and the message written on it and hope the ones to whom I send also experience the thrill of it!
    I don’t know whether you graduated from pencil to fountain pen directly, but I had an intermediate stage of using a “steel” (a thin paint brush like holder attached with a steel nib at its end ) which is dipped in bottle of ink and used to write on paper. And can’t forget the thrill of showing off the ink stained thumb and the two fingers! This was in class 3 and 4. Then graduated to the fountain pen. Also there used to be an ink tablet which when dissolved in water made the ink.

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