Last of my brief ‘grass widower’ nights, the fridge is completely empty and its freezing outside with snow in desert.

My close friend is a super biriyani specialist and when I got the message that she is sending some, I was thrilled.
Excellent stuff with ideal salad. And then!

There is my favorite piece, gizzard, one of the chicken offals. How does she know!!

As one among 10 siblings, the popular parts of chicken are not for everyone. But gizzard! It’s not in demand and I liked it. As a compassionate brother I let others to have pieces like leg and go for another low demand item ‘the neck’ but got my favorite item anyway.

During Bangalore days, offals were never on the table and I thought the cold storages don’t supply them. But then the maid liked it and it never reached the table.

Recently I was telling my people about going for the neck in big family meals and my sister ‘is that so, we really thought you like the neck’

Freezing outside and snow in the desert, the Biriyani was a life saver. And my favorite piece in it ‘priceless’.


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