Laughter unlimited 

Friend of mine on Facebook.. Laughed uncontrollably as if no one else is watching.

Yes, my response is simple.. I know someone who does that exactly as described.. Or more!! And she has just returned from a 10 days holiday (for who?).

‘My Boss’ was the movie with that memorable episode. The laughter was loud and uncontrollable.. even the person laughing next to me was suspended in the air at the height of the performance.

At times it was before the event.. and sometimes at non event. 

At any rate performance was excellent.. no no I am not talking about the actors Dileep and Mamta.

Why not a repeat.. Dileep and Mamta are back in ‘two countries ‘. Booked for the 3-30 show in Ajial

Then I didn’t tell you about the most hilarious memory for me. The person watching ‘Big Boss ‘ and sitting next to me was watching the performance more than the movie. He would come forward to see across me if he anticipated a funny scene .. 

Will be looking for all these in the evening..


Laughter unlimited 

One thought on “Laughter unlimited 

  1. Marykutty says:

    Blessed are those who can laugh for no reason! And woe to those who believe laughing loud is indecent or a crime. Don’t be shocked , I know at least one such person.


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