Two Countries 

Yes, enjoyable laughter.. Totally.

The anticipated laughter show of the companion did happen. But a strange thing also did happen. I was the louder.

Just accept it, I have changed! Conversations recently have been on the importance of being happy. These have helped in unloading many baggages.

Tolerant, yes that too. The guy sitting on my other side was constantly beating his 6 year old son. The boy was not crying. He kept on standing up and irritating the father. Perhaps he might be doing it for fun. Another way of looking at it. That’s change.

The movie had this twice “kanjirapally christianikku bhariyaye nilalakku nirthan ariyam ” (Kanjirapally Christian knows to control the wife). I am a kanjirapally Christian, though what is said need not have any truth. Still I managed to show the forefinger in front of the nose of wife, banking on the movie mood, twice when it was said and didn’t get beaten up 

The tipsy dance singing to “ithino adame ninne njan…. brought fond memories and parallel.

Most important is perceptible change in me, thanks to recent interactions.

And then, it’s okay to be selfish to be happy…

Two Countries 

7 thoughts on “Two Countries 

    1. Thank you. The new approach is really working. Otherwise I would not have tolerated the guy hitting his son. I could think that the boy could be enjoying after all. That made me at peace and enjoy the movie


    1. Agree, the very fact that we say it means we are not sure about it. Only one correction, it’s chettan in kanjirapally and achayans are further south. Few years in Delhi has done this?


  1. Marykutty says:

    I believed Thiruvalla – Chengannoor guys were called Achayans till I saw the Prithwiraj movie “Swapnakkoodu” . Delhi has nothing to do with it! Correction accepted.

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