I made my first vegetable juice.. the recipe downloaded from Google! Carrots, beetroot, ginger and half a lime juice included. Surprisingly the result has been good.

The thought about a healthy drink was briefly interrupted with the memory of a tempting drink recipe, posted the other day by a Philippines SCB collegue now living in the USA.

Coconut milk and chocolate drink.. tempting 

Then coconut is now a health food. There are disbelievers and opponents. As a devout coconut lover the story about coconut is music to ears.. virgin or otherwise- who cares!!

Coconut has been attacked by oil lobby. As a keralaite, the god’s own country’s name derrived from the Malayalam name for the tree- Keram; I was even prepared to start a coconut supporters club.

Coconut and tree has many virtues. Coconut is health food, oil now the best, tender coconut water the supreme, husk for coir making and cocopit for hydroponic farming, leaf for thatching house, the leaf stem as broom, wood, dried leaf base as cheap firewood. Etc etc 

Oh yes, there is another important output.. kerala’s local brew toddy. Unfermented fresh toddy boiled and evaporated yielding honey like product (we call it pani), tasting better than honey. This with kerala’s default breakfast poottu, is fit for a king.

Neera is the latest drink product in Kerala. Neera promises coconut farmers opportunity to multiple revenue levels. I have seen this in Philippines were the juice extractor just climbes one tree and go tree hopping on bamboo poles tied from tree to tree.

And of course a very important use is for brushing teeth. Take a table spoon of fresh coconut oil in the mouth and run the oil through the teeth. Ideal duration is 20 minutes and do it at least for 5 minutes. Do it every day before bed and just enjoy the benefits. As a gossip (I want to stop gossiping after I met one who doesn’t) the film stars do this. Now you know how all those close-ups are managed!!

Have your coconut oil brushing and acquire the confidence.


6 thoughts on “Coconut 

    1. Yes of course. But steamed banana was better for me. We used to make pani every alternate day as the Palm toddy share was alternated between the toddy shaap and house.
      By the way I forgot one fondly remembered I team. Dried coconut leaf cut into shape was my first cricket bat


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