Right place, right time, right people..

The often quoted ideal situation is very true in getting a break in life.. which can be big and unexpected..

I was discussing this with a family member and the subject of my coming back strongly on the work front was remembered..

Sometimes you get a big break out of a sheer accident.. It did happen in my case.. right place, time, people were all there .. but with an addition.. right call (action).

I was feeling mighty proud for setting up the India card business for standard chartered as the one man army for initial preparations. Perhaps the absence of the element ‘people’ made the achievement being taken for granted as business as usual.

Some people, though remote were taking notes. The business grew fast making the initial system wanting replacement.

Those days, I had the single most disappointment of not getting the rightful place in a group photo when global heads visited. There was only a lone whisper.. the father of the business is in the last row!!

I didn’t make the call.. Probably was expecting the call.

System upgrade was a desperate need..global team visited with UK giant network company.. no, not impressed, the experts went back to send the report… which had a line “even the leased lines will take from 7 to 13 months.

Morale was down .. what to do?

Reading the mail again, the line caught attention.

Made the call.. “heard about 6 to 12 months, one to 10 years! .. but 7 to 13!!!

There was loud laughter from the global head on the other end, followed by “Kurian.. can you do the project?

Yes yes yes 

That was the break.. lines came between Bangalore and Hongkong in 15 days.. not 7 to 13 months.. Project completed in 7 months.. a record!!

My boss’s boss “have never seen such smooth execution even during my Citibank days ”

That’s the break.. when Philippines wanted cards… who else to do it? But then that took 5 and half months… world record.

First international assignment from business, elevation to international cadre all followed… along with the formidable reputation.

The call was the break… riding on the sarcasm in 7 to 13.

My advice:- acquire that killer skill… keep the eyes and ears open.. don’t hesitate to make the call…

You will be in demand!!

Right place, right time, right people..

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