I have been a little down with a confusion if i had been a catalyst or a disturbance in another person’s busy activity. This in addition to an unsolicited response which has gone a bit off tangent.

Tried watching the popular Malayalam news channel but the channel representative was absolutely intolerable trying to better a popular English Channel excelling in questioning the intelligence.

Turned on to NDTV and was happy that ‘Indian of the year ‘ award ceremony is on

But then my favorite bearded person of that channel after describing journalists as something what i consider- irresponsible and publicity seeking.

Then he decided to tell a joke with the start that it was told to him by a Nobel laureate!
The distinguished audience and me were stunned when he painfully and elaborately described a well known joke about American and Indian politicians building house with 10% and 100% of bridge project.
The smiles looked painful which made me smile
Then the SBI chief received award from minister and minister joked saying that public sector has no freedom is a myth when chair person was asked pose questions to minister
The one about spectrum auction and her experience about some countries looking for the highest investor for selection was retorted by saying Supreme Court ruled auction. Madam chairman explained to the minister how what she is saying is a transparent auction
The discomfiture and all. Quite hilarious to lift the mood.


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