Day Dreaming

My first challenge on my day dreaming and being Walter Mitty came from an unexpected quarter- the economic times.

The paper carried a New York based research which says “as pleasurable and helpful positive fantasies are for depression mood in the moment, they can be problematic and cumbersome over time ”

Not a good news !!
What the research says is that investing in positive fantasies may prevent us from acknowledging the obstacles that stand in the way of our reaching the goals and undertaking the strategies to surmount them.
All is not lost according to them. Positive fantasies must be complimented by a good sense of reality.
Not very complicated then, but I have to identify this good sense of reality.
A very close friend whom I am interacting regularly has been showing that I have to learn a lot still. I have been accepting and learning from the experience of the interaction but then this news item suddenly… a miracle.
I am now being guided through the ‘good sense of reality’
It’s not a coincidence, it is planned and cast in the stone to happen at the right time. Clearly much better things are in store with the knowledge and positivity that the day dreaming is complimented and guided by this friend showing with ease how reality can be brought under the fantasies and go for the shift to a new level to reach paradise.
See I can now fantasize and accept reality to make fantasies real.
Still sounds like Walter Mitty, isn’t it
“Ground control to major Tom..
Take your fantasies and submit..
And work it on the reality of your friend.
And ground control to major Tom..
Whatever we are.. We complement..
In fantasies and reality..

Day Dreaming

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