Heart of Gold

Recently I came across an item talking about sleeping on the left side. Since my favorite posture is on the right side I decided to take a look

The doctor looking guy in white was impressive on the video. Sleep on the left and your spleen will get to perform better. I don’t know what spleen is.. what it does.. where it is.. how it’s and all. But it is something not to mess with. So, yes.. then what?

The pancreas.. oh I know you! I have been wanting to take care of you. I am trying my power of concentration to reach you.. like I did with my ear. A local circus artist could move his ears and I wanted. Days of concentration to get control of the muscles and I can move my ears.. yes yes I can move either independently.

Then sleeping on left help small big intestines etc etc..  and you know it, here comes the most important:

The heart. It’s easier for the heart to receive blood… and I am like- what! Heart receiving? Oh come on- blimey.
Heart is for giving. Don’t mess with it please, heart is heart.
We have heard heart pumping blood. And best way to pump is down (don’t laugh I am serious)
Heart always gives. We follow the heart and we may not always win but will never fail.
You may win or fail when you follow the mind. But when mind is involved one may think and try to manipulate. But heart is pure, it can’t manipulate, it won’t plan. It just gives you the feeling.
You love with your heart, even in marriages. If one decides to love a girl following the mind, one may look at the benefits. But when heart works, it is from the heart and other things are involved and it need not be marriage even.
Be clear.. heart is for giving. It’s pure and it’s the best.
I may still continue with sleeping on the right as I feel it is better for the heart to give. I am happy when I have a heart to give. If it receives, I want it to be reciprocal.
It’s a Heart of Gold…

Heart of Gold

8 thoughts on “Heart of Gold

  1. Marykutty says:

    Would very much like to see your trick with the ears, so long as you do it with your own, haha.
    You have to have something first to be able to give it, right? So is with the heart, simple logic.

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  2. Marykutty says:

    Ability to move objects at a distance by using mental or non- physical power. In a more advanced stage one can even make another person do things you want automatically without even a hint or a suggestion .

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