Red pocket

it’s Chinese New Year. Greetings of Kung Hei Fat Choy or Gong Xi Fa Cai in the air depending on whether you’re in Hongkong or Singapore.

Standard Chartered moved me from Philippines to Hongkong with a global team from various countries.

A lovely lady walked in to hand me a packet saying red pockets. Never heard of it.. what for. And she ‘for you ‘

I ran to a colleague. ‘Give it to your staff’.

Why can’t she give then, I protested!
You have to give with money inside and put into staff’s pockets
Money… Oh well, can I pass it? NO
Staff right to get it from boss.
Tradition; brings good luck, money, Bonus for them
Don’t worry… we will get you fresh notes’
Oh my god. I have 105 staff
Can I give only to Chinese staff?
“Since you are here, give them all ‘
There, I can see it goes, the money I was planning to send to my NRE account
‘I just joined. Can I go back to Philippines and come back after new year?
You can’t… Philippines has canceled the alien registration. You heard right, we are aliens in Philippines.
Apparently they copied from USA homeland security. That’s Uncle Sam!
R2d2, 3cpo, twaing twaing.
No way then, I have to fill 105 envelopes with Hongkong dollars.
I wish I could put Indian rupees or even better Indonesian rupayah.
Not fair.. My boss Irishman is not going to give me one
Me ready with 105 packets. And believe me with fresh Hongkong dollars filled.
First the Hongkong team. But no pockets!!
It’s an all women team.
Shut up Walter Mitty. I know you have been to Cairo and Istanbul. Don’t take me there. These are my staff.
Mitty withdraws singing… major tom to ground control…
Envy you Walter.

Red pocket

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