No way

Nizam of Hyderabad, one of the wealthiest rulers of the kingdoms era in India had many pranks affordable to such privileged.
When I made a few rupees, for fun and remembering Nizam, I also started announcing my own version of the Nizam prank.
Nizam, if he dropped a ring,never bend down to take it, and the first one to find it could own it. By the way Nizam’s rings had stones valued millions.
I said ‘I will not bend to take a coin if I drop one.
I even had the courage to refuse when my wife said ‘take it’. Oh no, that’s not correct, she doesn’t say that… it’s an order. And me… remember Nizam. Can I not take it? Please….
I might have been forced to take some, but generally I believed that I didn’t take many.
Then I had to come to Kuwait. And I dropped a coin – 100 fils.. and there is nobody watching… I can be Nizam without fear.
But wait a minute. 100 fils…Let me check It’s 225 rupees. No way…
Sometimes it pays to be not being Nizam…

No way

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