Impress the neighbor

Typical Middle East Malayaly, builds a big house in his native place… for what! Impress thy neighbor.

I can see the point and draw a parallel. One of the key drivers for my gym or exercise routine has been this desire to impress. There are many ways of doing that… workout in the open, see that others can see you doing exercises and make Bruce Lee shaming loud noise when you release a weight you have lifted

There are benefits to this game plan. You do get positive results except in cases where showing off results in some injuries

The health improves, when done well you stop snoring (to the great delight of your sleeping partner), the irritating gas problem goes away and the blood test can be a progress card which you don’t have to hide.
All the above to me are collateral benefits. The real one is when muscles get toned up and shapes (then) and the tyres around the waist changes to cycle tyres from car sized (now). You like V more than a pear.
I may be telling a lie if I say this is a planned regimen. Tell you the truth, it’s the title of the this which is the driver.
The best result in Hongkong was with the help of many whose gym timings accidentally (lie) coincided mine. Every progress was cheered, every show followed by a request to be the coach.
You see the benefits. The collateral benefits are actually worth it’s weight in gold. But again the driving force getting you there into action is the desire to impress.
Oh yes, now there is a third element. The wish to look young. Especially when the people to be impressed are getting younger and are younger.
No marks for guessing this ‘totally committed to the gym’ it’s worth it….

Impress the neighbor

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