‘Telekinesis’ explained a good friend to mention the ability to move remote objects with mental power. I was talking about my acquired ability of taking control of the muscles for moving the ears independently.

ESP -Extra Sensory Perception came into the picture, giving fond memories of a successful prank, as a result.

We were 12 management trainees at the bank’s training center for orientation. After dinner we used to get some quality time to get-together with some playing cards.

I was talking about ESP and the ability to communicate across the oceans etc etc, saying that I may possess some of it (ear moving- not a good example though). But I did try to command a pencil on the table to move to my wish, to no avail.

An idea came up and I boasted that I could segregate picture and number cards in the pack blind folded. The stage was set with me sitting at the table with a few others and the rest standing around.

Perfectly blind folded, I started to place my palm on the card and started segregating. When the joker came up, it has a different look and I took time to decide which pack it would go to.

There were ooos and haaas and the clapping was sincere. Everyone was so impressed and probably were a bit afraid of the supernatural power. Except of course one person sitting at the table.

PZ was my confidant who gave a gentle tap on my foot when a picture card came up. For jokers there was double tap.

The aura created and the excitement around prevented us from divulging the secret.

A near celebrity status with the well executed prank….


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