Off Sweets 

That’s me!!!

Never thought it was possible as I have one of the sweetest of sweet tooth and ice creams are just also rans in preference hierarchy.

Now you know what the fuss is about. Oh, forgot to tell you… the availability of sweets is one of the easiest… at home, certainly.

Ash Wednesday and lent.. no no- Ash Wednesday yesterday was just incidental; I came to know about it the day before.

Today is the seventh day of my being off sweets. And each one of these seven days, I had at least three of my favorite sweets ready and open to be devoured.

Then how?

Now I have to make the disclosure. We all know that we are as good as the company that we keep. Yes; that’s the secret. The good friend showed the importance to be healthy, wealthy and happy. Happiness redefined as greedily happy and to be selfish to be happy.

Well, then mere working out in the gym will not be sufficient. When you are greedy to be happy, you should be selfish to deny the demon in you, tempting you to indulge, saying that will be happiness.

I am just fortunate and greatly privilaged to be led and influenced by this good friend.

I can now tell the evil temptation of sweets that I am greedy in the pursuit of happiness and… Listen to this carefully… real happiness is not having your favorite sweet dish; but being selfish to deny any temporary pleasure for the pursuit of real happiness.

Follow me in this and if you feel the way I feel, please remember the person who is my guide and inspiration and remember that person in your prayers with me 

For, it’s a virtue to say thanks to those who help to change your life for good…

Off Sweets 

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