I was debating on the title for this. Should it be’will power, determination or just decision. But the right word is dedication, though the title won’t tell that it’s dedicated to someone unless I say it here.

I am talking about me going off sweets. Will power, determination etc can be short lived, and have been violated many times in the past; but when it’s dedicated, you have no choice.

I am now looking at success in continuing the abstinence from sugary delights. And I also know that it’s the dedication that makes it possible to do the impossible. When you dedicate, no going back is the correct option 

In addition to all the success which are listed on the subject like.. turning away from carrot cake, chocolate etc, I managed in today’s lunch to take the ‘payasam’ one of my favorite Kerala sweet dish or accompaniment out from my tray and pass it on.

An important step, as usually payasams from others used to find the way to me.

Okay, but why writing again on the subject. Maybe that I am happy and proud about it! Or that I can communicate to and thank the person who inspired it.

That’s correct. I want to thank, I need support from all of you and I want to feel that I am in good company. 

The good thing about it is in the fact that when you talk about achievement, your friends will feel happy. For the same reason those who don’t like me wil be unhappy.

Do you want to make friends happy or the others unhappy 

Having said that I want to believe that I am generally liked. 😊


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