If PJ is poor jokes CT is cheap thrills 

As youngsters we had an urge for cheap thrills. Some of them may be totally useless and best ignored, but there are a few lingering on, probably making CTs relevant into cherished memories.

One of them is coming to mind, not just for its imagination, careful execution or labored justification but for the accidental benefits.

As boarders in the college hostel in a mostly village backed college town, we had ample opportunities for some rare activities that our urban brothers never could imagine.

However, there are a few areas where we were a bit handicapped. One of them was the movies and theatres to watch them.

Our college village had just two, very rusty but highly sought after. Malayalam movies were eagerly awaited for the opportunity to go with friends and get together; than merely for the quality of the movies as most of them made majority of viewers to weep openly.

In such a backdrop something extra had to be brought in through use of CTs. Saturday’s used to be favorite days when the women’s hostel march to the theaters. We never booked in groups but singly, praying for good luck with person sitting next to you.

Advance information of the women brigade from their bus driver worked on a couple of occasions but the cunning wardens read the riot act to theater owner and made continued seating mandatory.

Innovation required to ensure CT

The theatres were not like the new generation ones with dim lights along the steps to guide late entrants but the theater used to lit up when anyone opens the dark curtain on the entrance door.

Remember the CT climax is on a Saturday daytime matinee show and the outside is bright.

The memorable CT was when the theater was full with majority from the brigade and rest included my motley gang.

I then made a prearranged late entry alone walking majestically at the pace of pope taking a walk in the garden. I knew exactly where the seat was but took a different and long route.

There were excited raising of slogans “Kurian Jacob Zindabad” Kurian Jacob nethave dheerathayode nayicholu (Kurian, leader, lead us fearlessly). I waved like the prime minister, but not at my gang but at the brigade. 

That’s CT but unknown to me the crowd included my younger brother. Thoroughly impressed sibling was vocal at home and native place and prodigal son of the village became the hero!!!

If PJ is poor jokes CT is cheap thrills 

2 thoughts on “If PJ is poor jokes CT is cheap thrills 

  1. Marykutty says:

    Funny! These days they add ” Laksham Laksham pinnale” along with the other two slogans and there will be hardly a score people behind the leader!! It is really comical.
    I was in one of the girls ‘ hostel run by the nuns for five years but they never took us out for a movie at the local cenema hall. The only time they took the girls out was to see “Ten Commandments ” in Ernakulam!
    In the final year, I along with my room mate got permission to visit St . Alphonsa’s tomb to pray before the exams and instead, went to the local theatre to see a movie . There to our great consternation saw a few boys of our college sitting two rows ahead of us. The movie was unusually long and to escape their spotting us and spreading the news in the college the next day, we got out a little earlier than the usual ending time. Only later did we come to know that the movie went on for another half hour and we missed the climax! The movie was very aptly named ” Thettu”😀. No wonder I missed the first division narrowly. Alphonsamma must have had her fun too!

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    1. Interesting, I think it’s the hostel after the college and towards Pala which arranged bus for movie. I think we should include a movie in our next meet
      Interesting to read that you skipped the final session just to escape being spotted.
      Thanks very much for the comments


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