This is a sign. I saw serendipity!!

I was about to explore the Secret, the  theories, and teaching about the law of attraction and it’s power; when this came across, quite accidentally.

I was looking for a movie on Netflix and the movie with this title just popped up!!

Destiny? The definition heard in the movie is ‘positive accident ‘

Definitions from searches:- 

‘ fortunate happenstance or pleasant surprise’

‘Luck that comes in the form of valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for’

They found each other by pure serendipity 

Lovely movie which itself is a serendipity!

On the valentines eve, a sign and hence this post on Valentine’s Day.

There is destiny and there are signs. But an effort is required to find it. The movie is an example of how the signs keep on appearing and pose right on your face to see and realize, but get deflected due to simple events.

Then you can find it and own it, if you make an effort. Friends play an important role in understanding one’s serendipity and help in finding it.

A question came up in the movie as to why make any effort if everything is decided under serendipity. But the good thing is that the route people seek to realize destiny is also destined. 

In the movie, the guy draws Cassiopeia on her hand by joining what is freckles there. Cassiopeia constellation of stars is something I always identity when I look at the stars. It’s a ‘W’ to me. But then w upside down or the corresponding opposite is ‘M’. And I have M formed by lines of both palms!! A sign?

Do see the movie 

Commit to be sincere in the serendipity plans. Follow the teacher, friend, philosopher  and guide with atmost sincerity and devotion when you are shown the steps, as its the wisdom of ancient philosophers that’s being re-lived now.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


4 thoughts on “Serendipity 

  1. Marykutty says:

    What has Cassiopeia got to do with serendipity except that it finds a mention in the movie of the same name? I saw this movie a few years back and don’t remember liking it much 😞 To each his own! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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