Happy Heart’s Day 

You would hardly hear Valentine in Philippines. A happy Valentine’s Day would get responded with a ‘happy heart’s day’.

Makes more sense, I think. Heart represents the day much more appropriately than anything else, particularly on February 14. 

Heart has a mind of its own and not influenced by a deliberate thought process. As such it is pure and we are led by its sincerity.

In Valentine’s greetings, the inference could be that a person is addressed and whispered ‘you are my Valentine this day’ or ‘be my Valentine’.

But when we say happy hearts (day) it’s all happy hearts coming together. The individual heart will decide the selection (s). It’s pure and spontaneous, as heart never lies or manipulates.

When we follow the head, we may become more successful (or the other way round). But when we follow the heart, we will be happy, even when the mind says you could have been smarter. There is no regrets when you follow the heart.

The leveler when the heart is in action is the heart itself as in the pursuit of happiness, a good heart will do everything to see that no one is hurt by its actions.

For me the new excitement and commitment (for example) towards regular workout and sweet avoidance is due to the action of the heart. The goal is fixed towards happiness, health and wealth. The caveat for wealth though is that it’s creation is good though it may not be used.

The pursuit of happiness, health and wealth is through a pact led by the heart. As such it is more realistic, committed and enjoyable.

Try this, and follow the heart. You will find it easier to make and meet commitments. 

‘Happy Heart’s Day’.

Happy Heart’s Day 

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