Water Polo


Yes it’s destiny again that I became a water polo player.  I was in Thiruvanadapuram where the Kerala University was headquartered, on some university work when I met our college swimming champions participating in the university aquatic meet.

We had the champion swimmers but the team had only 5 members for the meet. The college was not enrolled for the water polo competition. One of the enrolled participants could not make it and the organizers requested our team to fill in.

The problem was, 7 people were required and they had only 5. I was requested to join and I got another college mate who was in the town for another reason and who lived on the banks of menachil river made famous in Arundathi Roy’s ‘God of small things’.

Both of us thus had the same background, been mostly in the water than out during childhood years. We joined the team in the back position. The brief was to block opponents from advancing to the goal post.

Being very very comfortable in the water was not sufficient for the game. We conceded two goals before we changed the strategy during the break after quarter 1.

Water polo is played in four quarters of 8 minutes each with 2 minutes break between quarters. 

The opposition forwards moved up and we the defending backs blocked them. But when the ball was passed forward the technique of the forwards nullified our water skills. So I was to tell the forward stories of how we treat anyone annoying us in the water (gory details suppressed deliberately) and saying that I was nobody compared to the other defender and what he does. He used the same strategy making me the bigger monster.

The strategy worked and the forwards hesitated and we managed to push the ball to our forwards who were 1,2 and 3 fastest swimmers. We went on to win the trophy and became the university champions from then onwards.

Why it’s destiny and positive accident. Water polo is the most strenuous and violent of all the games. It is not for the faint-hearted. Remember an Olympic semifinals between Cuba and Checkoslovakia where part of the pool tuned red… no prize for guessing…from blood.

Why positive then… smokers and drinkers can’t sustain the stamina required, you feel the power of a warrior… focused, determined, powerful, fearless, proud etc etc. 

Water Polo- the water rugby played a key role in shaping my personality (affecting). Teetotaler just an example. 

But it is destiny that I became a water polo player- serendipity, right time..place.. positive accident, fate etc etc. 

Keep an eye on small things for it could turn into life changing positives in our quest for health, wealth and the important happiness.

Water Polo

4 thoughts on “Water Polo

  1. Marykutty says:

    Is anybody keeping track of the items to be included in the next get together?
    Kurian, your water polo skills must have come in handy in stealing the vazhakkula from the girls hostel during the floods in the college premises!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes, I will write about the vazhakkula one of these days. By the way we had a name instead of stealing which is ‘ohosuka’ which is getting somethings free and mostly without consent from the owner.
      But then feeling free with bananas in college and hostel campus was regarded as just rights. The fruits of the celebant priests are for the bravehearts. But the ladies hostel one had a different risk profile. But the thrill-priceless!


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