The Support Ecosystem 

Support can do wonders in our everyday life. I am happy to dedicate my happiness this morning to the support, I know I have from friends like you. 

I started my routine of moderate to high intensity exercise and sweet avoidance as a direct result of the conversations with a very very close friend. The initial visible results were applauded. Further I got support from you for my blogs referring the new routine. 

The good news today is the blood sugar reading of 100. Yes 100 from a previous higher end of the border line levels with medicines. I hope it’s not a one day wonder.

My glucose reading machine’s battery got drained sometime back but didn’t bother as, like avoiding weighing scales when you know you have gained weight is a policy.

The new routine, started with the intervention of the good friend and supported by you all, gave me the drive to look for a replacement battery and to take the reading.

I am posting this straight away to share the good news and to get the continued support. Thank you all.

There is however another story of how a negativity could be handled positively. During my Bangalore days when the work pressure had 8am to 9pm daily office, international travel, good food etc gave me a pear shape and visit to what should have been a friendly doctor turned into a disaster.

Doc read the blood test results with all sorts of highlights and my sheepish explanation ‘I had a good dinner party last night’ was scorned off with ‘well you had your last meal’

Walter Mitty… I jumped across the table, slapped the doc on both cheeks, pulled him down, jumped on his chest, raised my sword and shouted ‘by the power of Grey Skull, I have the Power’ to the chorus of ‘He Man.. He Man’ from white clad nurses and wife in battle uniform.

I didn’t take the huge pack of medicines but hit the Richmond Park and returned to the doc with a report without highlights and thrushed it upon to the nose level. No nothing happened, he said ‘well my medicines’ and me ‘didn’t take any of them’.

It can work but didn’t get sustained. But this has to, with support from friends. 

Finally a message to the friend who is followed on all channels and applauded, every post liked and mostly be the first one to read and respond “it’s support and please don’t take it as stalking”

Thank you friends for the support and let me see you reading this and marking at least a ‘like’ as support.

The Support Ecosystem 

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