A blog message from a friend that she was on way to Bangalore last night and a whatsapp forward from an Egyptian friend on high density mango planting in India are signs.

I always want to get back to my farming roots. Farming is not an easy task. I thought about planting fruit trees and vegetables. Polyhouse farming for high yield and profitable business were thought of. Initial attempts confirmed one thing….I can be an absentee farmer, at best.

There’s an opportunity in a farm land near Bangalore. There’s a developer who will assist in planting for a cost. Then I may be able to get a local family housed in the land to take care of the daily maintenance.

The ultra high density mango planting could have 600 trees in an acre of land. That’s a lot of trees and mangoes. I have seen this in Israel and now it’s in India. Why not try?

One of my earlier ideas come to mind. I coined an idea of letting friends own fruit trees in my farm. For example 10 friends including me can own 60 mango trees each. And at harvesting time have a holiday gathering and one of the activities being plucking your own fruit.

Many birds in one shot. Friends stay together and holiday together. A passion could become a reality. Win win situation.

The same may be done for exotic items like mangostine, rambootan, jackfruits; spices like nutmug, cinnamon, cloves etc in Kerala- Thidanad land. This gives variety in holiday gathering and tree variety. 

At the end of the day, friends stay together and many passions fulfilled. I must start the preliminary research and enquires. 

I’m simply excited!!

Ps. Any interest on the video of high density mango planting? Let me know and I will forward it.


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