Absentee Farming 

Farming is still active in mind. And the term absentee farming could make the dream a reality. I tried verifying the idea in my last blog ‘Roots’ and got one positive response and some silent nods.

This would work if there is scope for multiple positive experiences present in the  potential in the plans. One plan explored is the mango ultra high density planting and the holiday get-together potential of the participant friends around the plucking season. 

What about expanding the idea and do something more… like growing vegetables, green leaves etc so that there will be some farm activity almost always. This is to give flexibility for the participants in making visits and holidaying. I may have a selfish interest here as in an years time I should be available most of the time to meet and spend time with friends visiting.

So the main idea is centered around friends and to keep us closer.

As absentee farmers we need assistance at the site. The initial development of the land in Deemandala in Nelamangala near Dobaspet some 55 kms from Bangalore could be done by the developer of the Deemandala farms. 

A house for a local labor family who will be resident on the farm and working on a regular wage would take care of the daily maintenance, upkeep and security.

The resident labor family to get introduced to the government agencies and other technical service providers giving necessary inputs and farm techniques. These services are to be utilized for maximizing the potential and to make an effort to meet at least the expenses recovered.

It’s a double whammy.. get into farming, even though it is absentee farming and enjoy the experience with friends. Priceless!!

It could be a tick on one of our dreams of doing some farming 

Absentee Farming 

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