Harper Lee (RIP)

She will be remembered for my childhood hero ‘one shot Finch’. Atticus was my hero for this one-shot description when I read the book. The movie gave him a face of Gregory Peck and continued to remain my hero 

Walter Mitty… Of course, Mitty is my alter-ego.

It took a while for me to realize that Harper Lee was a woman, and perhaps that’s why the passion is at its best.

Then Scout is a girl.

My job and duty took me to Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia. The stories I listened to the stanchart staff during my frequent visits from London, made me realize what ‘to kill a mocking bird’ is all about. 

Black people were not allowed to walk on this road, said Farai when she walked with me after the office. She and her colleagues told me the frightening and disgusting stories of apartheid.

The huge guy sitting across to me in the British airways flight from Jo-Berg to London was all in excitement when a frail and bend elderly man walked in. He said ‘Ian Smith’

For once I didn’t want to be Walter Mitty, but the size of the Africaner dissuaded me. Instead I let Mitty to give the biggest prepatator of apartheid a lesson of his life.

Another childhood reading, though with no connection to mockingbird, influenced me is JBPriestly’s Laburnum Grove. I remember it when I was caught with small acts of mischief and the comment ‘minda poocha kalamudakkum’. (Silent cat will break the cooking pot). 

But then the minda poocha got away with murders.

The influence of stories and their good absorption make the reader a better person.

Perhaps I have a story…

Harper Lee (RIP)

6 thoughts on “Harper Lee (RIP)

  1. Marykutty says:

    One shot Finch must have been the hero of many a boy, but his most ardent fan is Miss Maudie and remember what she said, ” Marksmanship is a gift of God, you have to practice it to make it perfect, but shooting is not like playing the piano. Sensible people never take pride in their talents ” I think it is okay to take pride in your talents so long as it doesn’t go to your head.
    Besides his sense of justice, what I most liked about Atticus is hie empathy and sensitivity towards Boo Radley, the recluse. Lee is dead, but long live Lee!
    Laburnum Grove is a different kind of fish. Such situations happen to lot of people, doing something to get out of one trouble landing one in a worse trouble and so on.
    You write very well, Kurian , come on give us your story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Marykutty for the well written insights. And for my story, some good ones will come up here. Others may never get revealed to keep up the trust. This statement itself is scandalous and hence exciting


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