Serendipity… Again!!

The inflight movie selection showed Tamil movies along with Hollywood, Arabic movies, Hindi movies etc. on the page and I was curious. A small arrow at the bottom turned the page and there it was… Malayalam movies. 

‘ Oru Marubhumikkatha’ and living in desert, I explored. A big copy of the English movie serendipity. But he got the currency note with her number written on it, a bit too soon.

Then the movie is by Priyadarshsn and he has to go ahead with his usual melodrama!!

Isn’t this a sign again? It is…

Landed in Cyprus, where the last time i was some 22 years back. That time it was a business trip, and very cold. The difference between early February and late one ensuring very pleasant weather.

There’s one thing that is distinctly remembered is the abundance of orange coloured oranges making the leaves invisible on the trees. Everything else is less pronounced. Perhaps I am seeing ‘to let’ and ‘for sale’ signs everywhere. Oh no!!

I am on search for one thing- a media for the actual realization of all the wisdom of the ancient philosophers…

The capital city didn’t offer any more signs, but it is Tordoos Mountains the second day and Paphos the third. Further signs and the media, I am sure.

Looking forward to many more serendipities..

Serendipity… Again!!

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