Aphrodite and Kourion 

My favorite Goddess of the ancient times is not Venus but she is Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, Beauty and sexuality.

Perhaps that explains the thrill in me when I visited ‘Aphrodite’s Rock’which is the site of her birth.

The rock is washed day and night with crystal clear blue waters of the sea, taking some of the rock pieces with it and kept breaking them into small pieces and washing the shaped and polished pieces ashore.

I became a small boy picking up the stones and looking for the ideal one as a gift from the Goddess herself.

I got wet in the process, but I have the satisfaction of a mission fulfilled.

I wanted to swim across the Rock, but I have to keep something for the future for the chance of doing that in company.

And then ‘Kourion’, the ancient place of the Ceramic Neolithic period 4500-3800 BCE.

In my ancient previous life I would have been the founder/ ruler of the city. And destiny takes me to my land after several thousands of years. To imagine that and to get that feeling is bliss. 

Then I am Walter Mitty and I can do that.

And I told the girl at the counter giving entry tickets ‘my name is Kurian’

She didn’t look surprised- perhaps she knows…

“My name is Kurian and I am in Kourion”.

Aphrodite and Kourion 

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