Coconut Oil

Imagine, soon the coconut may not be available for your daily use… be it for cooking, for health of the hair, as toddy (now Neera)!!

Watch the clip of a CBS news item and you will know why!!

Coconut oil prevents Alzheimer’s. It’s even better, it reverses it. Not only Alzheimer’s, but Parkinson’s, diabetes and many others, some of which I am hearing first time. 

The CBS news presenters were discussing how to consume the oil. In fact they are already doing that. 

Now you can see my point. There will be a shortage for coconut!!! Oh my God…

I am an ardent follower of coconut. I love it in the meal. I want it’s pieces in my favorite fry, the name of it can result in lynching!!

I also follow another wonderful use. I take a tablespoon of it and rinse it through my teeth for the best of brushing the tooth.

And now!

The video clip will turn even the staunchest opponents, full converts. 

For best results, you have to have the Virgin one. Oh yes I know that….

Virgin coconut oil is available now even in Kochi! You can find in YouTube “how to make virgin coconut oil”. No drying and copras, no copra cakes (koorichatty will get affected- see blog ‘fishing’). 

Simple and glorious. But be afraid; be very afraid- all the coconuts can get shipped to the land of Alzheimer’s. And we may not get to taste even the used oil and forget about the virgin!

Isn’t it action time? Should we all produce our own coconut and learn how to do the virgin! Dwarf high yielding clones can grow in your backyard, terrace and balconies.

Action time folks. Make the best out of it. 

Anyone interested in the CBS video, ask me.


Coconut Oil

2 thoughts on “Coconut Oil

  1. Oh! Kurian, don’t frighten us poor thengakothu lovers! And those who can’t think of a fish curry without ground coconut ( roasted or otherwise) or coconut milk!
    And then, the health buffs keep on changing their views about usefulness or harm of coconut in food. What can you believe? My policy is just to ignore their views and keep on loving the things that I used to love from childhood.

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