Blogs and Brag

My blogs are essentially my state of the mind at the given point of time when I write it. There is no draft and it comes extempore.

Invariably most of them turn out to border plain bragging. Well, then you want to be positive. You strive to have positive thoughts and want to feel good.

There is a distinct advantage in being positive and narrate good things. Your friends are happy to hear good news. For that reason, those who don’t like you, maybe happy when they hear bad things about you.

I am not here to make anyone who doesn’t like me to be happy at my expense.

A cursory look at the nearly 70 blogs I have posted, I must admit that I was lucky in those real life situations than being clever or super efficient. So I must thank the universe for being kind to me 

I must be thankful for you my friends for reading what I have written, as without that assurance I would not have been in a position to continue.

I have the comfort of believing that I have built the ‘support ecosystem’. It is then my duty to preserve what I have and grow on them and bring all of us under the blanket of the support system.

On bragging, the best one I have seen is between two childhood friends. The girls met after being separated at different schools and few years. Girl A said ‘my school is awarded the best school in the locality’

Girl B, ‘you know, my school is the best anywhere. We have parking assigned to us and the only condition is that the car has to be a Bimmer or above ‘

Girl A ‘my father is CEO of a global organization’ Girl B ‘oh what is so great about it! my father controls governments and sometimes the presidents have to wait outside his office for hours to meet him’.

It went on and on with girl B much superior in bragging. And girl A was at the fag end of her tolerance limit.

Girl B ‘have you been to Eifel Tower? My father built it,

Girl A ‘ have you been to Dead Sea? my father killed it ….

Blogs and Brag

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