Nearby Friends 

I watched the Malayalam movie ‘Action Hero Biju’ yesterday. Into the second week in Kuwait, the theater was jam packed with every seat taken. Loved the movie totally. More than me, the crowd was responding to each and every step in this no nonsense movie which highlights the fact that the Station House Officer or in our colloquial term ‘local SI’ is the most important person.

I am not writing about the movie here,but there is an instance of an arrogant idiot, cleverly taken in by the SI, tracking his cell phone calls for locating him. 

Facebook which is second only to whatsapp for social contact effectiveness, has a feature ‘Nearby Friends’. I activated it to see that some of my friends are also registered. I would say less than 10%. But I could see that a friend living in Australia is currently in Bangalore. Great information indeed as, if I was in Bangalore I would have tried to meet him.

Some may say this would be an infringement to one’s privacy! But is it? You are only letting your friends know about your movements. And we don’t have anything to hide.

I am going to keep the feature on and hope that my friends also do likewise. Imagine me landing in Manila and my friends there arranging a get-together so that we all can meet. Absolute bliss.

At this point of time I can see some friends near to where I am now, a friend living next door is away some 35 kilometers from where we live. Another friend is in another country, perhaps travelled over the weekend.

If there are more friends at one location, the feature groups them, for example, ‘near Dubai’, ‘near Kochi, etc. There are other countries mentioned and after these groupings, the individuals spread out in other places are grouped under ‘elsewhere ‘

I would like to invite my friends to activate this feature. 

Hope to be in the same place at sometime and meet 

Nearby Friends 

5 thoughts on “Nearby Friends 

  1. marykuriakose1956 says:

    It is very true .Get together of classmates /old friends is really an excitement.Getting to know that any of our friends are in our city. we feel so happy and try to meet them.

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