Happy Women’s Day 

It’s every day. There are only pluses for the women and they have their day, everyday.

We talk about equality, but where’s inequality? In jobs? In the number of political representatives? Well then, is it possible that it’s designed that way by the women.

I can site many things that women do which the men can’t. Some of which are of course genetically designed. But what are the things that men do and women can’t?

I recently read someone referring his wife as better half. Interestingly that reference in a social media page was to show that the wife was ignorant about some current hot topic.

I know the woman very well. Clearly she is superior to the the bragging husband in any which way. There perhaps is the explanation of the talk about inequality. It’s the man’s complex that is manifested in his desire to try and communicate that he is superior.

Then there’s inequality but not the way it is projected. The clever female efficiently handles man’s misplaced ego and allows it to get into his head so that she gets what she wants.

I have two daughters and the three females in the house make me comfortable and they always get what they want 

But then Mother’s Day is never forgotten. You fish for a Father’s Day greetings and try to forget the much pronounced warmth on Mother’s Day.

As such I have made a conscious decision. Swim with the tide. Give the due importance to the cleverer one’s and try and be in such a support ecosystem.

It should work!!

Happy Women’s Day 

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