Virgin Coconut Oil 

I have been very vocal about the many benefits of coconut oil. In fact it is all over, especially with the US based news that regular intake of coconut oil is actually seen to reverse such deadly diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

There’s one catch for us the coconut fans (definitely me) that the oil which is talked about here is the vigin one!!

Well then, if it is virgin, let it be virgin!!

It’s available on the supermarket shelves. But the curiosity drowser is Google.

Googled; and oh my God, it’s totally different. The regular coconut oil is made by boiling coconut milk (world wide) and by drying coconut in the sun and extracting oil from the dried copra (Kerala).

Google is omnipotent! There’s video demonstrations of making virgin coconut oil at home. And there is no heating involved.

And you know what! I am going to make my own virgin coconut oil using what is called the ‘cold press’ method.

I don’t have to tell you this, there’s no heating or boiling. The oil, if and when I succeed will be guaranteed virgin.

I am going to make it and I am going to cosume it 

Anyone, everybody, looking for the numerous benefits of coconut oil, ask me for the details.

By the way one thing I do regularly is using coconut oil for cleaning the teeth.

Here take a table spoon of coconut oil in the mouth (I suggest using the regular oil and not the exclusive virgin oil) after brushing with toothpaste . Rinse the oil in the mouth pulling the oil through the teeth. Keep doing this for about 15 minutes and spit the oil out. The process is called oil pulling. Do this and enjoy the measurable benefits.

Though doing the oil pulling in the morning is better, many of us don’t get the time in the morning. What I do is before the shower at night. The only mistake (according to some) here is that you shower after dinner.
The advantage is tremendous saving of time as you can keep rinsing while in shower. And somebody told me that showering with water in the mouth has benefits. Well then?

And on virgin oil- watch this space!!

Virgin Coconut Oil 

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