The first produce

I did it. Followed a video DIY and there is a product.

I was eager to share my first product with the close friend who is the inspiration behind all good things.

However the sharing has to wait as there are two errors in the production process of the virgin coconut oil.

I bought four packets of grated fresh coconut from the nearby bakkala. That’s four coconuts, sufficient for the first trial.

And try to extract milk, not a drop is coming out! They have a technique to extract the milk and sell the coconut grated; or what?

I looked at the kitchen cabinets, and there are three coconut milk tins of the Chaco brand (buy two get third free). Good solution. No way! Read the ingredient- water (ok) this acid, that acid, peroxide (no no).

Brilliant idea; add water to grated fresh coconut and put in grinder. It worked, plenty of milk.

But the DIY video said; no added water- mistake number one.

Then pour the filtered milk into a tray and keep for 12 to 15 hours. It worked, the tray content looked exactly like in the video.

Then keep the tray (which is already closed with a lid) in the fridge for 24 hours. Well the lady in the video appeared to have put it in the freezer. So it went into the freezer.
That was mistake number two 

It should have been in the fridge not freezer. But the pulp and oil and water are separate and extracted separate. Waited for the water and oil to obey chemistry- viscosity etc 

But it is one liquid form.

Tastes okay. But I can’t take risk with the friend. The option then is to try it myself and share the improved and tested next produce. 

So I am going to consume my first virgin coconut oil.

Watch out for my next blog. If that appear- everything is fine. Bye…


The first produce

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