Fitness Freak 

Freak may not be a good adjective; but I like it when added to fitness. Another title I have earned and like is ‘credit card junkie’ 

I am a credit card junkie, but am I a fitness freak 

Before any judgment, let me tell you my current fitness activities. I visit the gym at least 6 days of the week. As gym routine I am on the treadmill for anything between 60 to 70 minutes. Of course not at a speed that makes you fall off the chair. I have a constant (if you think monotonous, monotonous) 5.5 speed. Kms or miles? Never bothered to check!

How do I do that? Music in the air (ear)?

No I don’t take any gadgets. But I say the full Rosary… all the three mysteries- joyful, sorrowful and glorious. This is followed by the special prayer for the departed and requesting their intervention for blessings to family and loved ones.

Good man! Thanks; but that’s all religion for me!! Do you want to modify the judgement?

Then I do some weights and resistance training on the multi-gym; some five different items, each session with three repeats. 

So far so good, and pray that there won’t be any injuries.

It’s working, the physical appearance is getting better. Don’t laugh! I have testimonials here 

Are these enough? 

Oh I forgot to mention; I am off sweets. Well pazham pori (banana fritters) is not sweet. Remember I am a messiah for Kerala and God’s Own Country’s customs including coconut.

Perhaps I need to be aggressive with control of what goes inside. Someone said ‘you are what you eat ‘

Well then, food control in real earnest. Hmm, no pain, no gain- no sacrifice, no daily mirror sessions!

Gym and food control then, for the title of ‘FITNESS FREAK’

Fitness Freak 

2 thoughts on “Fitness Freak 

  1. Oh, Kurian, don’t you know that there are five more mysteries of the rosary , those of Light? You can recite them too and prolong your workout! So, you religiously practice your fitness routine! Excellent😀

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