Here’s a Brilliant Definition to the most passionate word..

I have included this in the earlier blog but it is so beautiful that I am writing about it again.

‘A soulmate is not necessarily a lover or your life partner. A soulmate can be anyone in your life who has a great positive influence on you. Every single person that we deem to be “significant” truly is exactly that, for their vibrational essence is blending with ours and together we are creating a unique energy. It is believed that the soul radiates all about the physical body, what some refer to as an aura. When you connect with another person spiritually and become completely open and trusting with that individual, your two souls begin to flow together. Should such a deep bond to be formed, it is said you have found your soulmate. We are all joined in an ancient and eternal union with humanity that cut across all barriers of time, convention, philosophy and definition. When you are blessed with a soulmate, you have arrived at that most sacred place: home. This is a place so sacred that you open up completely to your soulmate. A soulmate can be a guru, a parent, a friend or your lover”

I saw this on the Facebook page of “we the women” and shared by a friend some three years back. I thought it is beautiful and remembered saving it. 

I looked for the saved item many times afterwards but could not locate it. Then one day recently it just popped up.

Read this carefully. Perhaps here is answer to many of our doubts/ confusions. A soulmate is wrongly defined as the lover or spouse. But it is not! Of course the soulmate can be the lover or spouse, and then it is well and good.

But sometimes some people come across another person who is someone never to be missed. Some excuses are in calling that person best friend. But we all have several friends and many ‘best friends’. A best friend can be a soulmate though.

Can you find a soulmate without the other person being aware of it? Perhaps yes!
But reading the definition carefully, it appears that you can’t reach the sacred place ‘home ‘ alone. 

Can you have many soulmates? No to me! Otherwise it will be a crowd. But sometimes people have more than one spouses (spice then) and maybe so for soulmates.

Read the definition very carefully and if you think you have someone fitting the definition and share the sacred place, then you are blessed. 

Don’t worry if the soulmate is not your spouse. It is not always meant to be. You don’t have to change anything. Spouse remains the spouse, as husband/ wife; parent to the children etc etc. That means, if you find the soulmate, you don’t have to change anything, as the soulmate need not be your spouse. Of course give that person the first chance and if there is a fit then it’s bliss 

If soulmate is not your spouse, don’t worry, you may not be alone. Hold on to your soulmate and you can do it without any guilt and without having to break or change anything. Enjoy the spiritual connection and reach the most sacred place “home”.

This is an important message. A life saver. Life becomes more meaningful, easy and exciting. If it’s a revelutionary approach, then be it. 

And when I have a large number of blogs and I decide to publish them as a book, printed with my money, as no publisher will print on their own and distributed free (sometimes forcefully) as no one will buy; the soulmate item would be the masterpiece.

Please read, mark ‘like’ as there is nothing to dislike and please give me your views and comments…


2 thoughts on “SOULMATE 

  1. The book idea is great. I deserve a first edition copy!
    As to the ‘Soulmate’ , it is as evasive as the yeti or unicorn or the Sphinx! Blessed are you Kurian, if you have found yours😀. I am very sceptical about people who claim their spouse or spice ! as their soul mates. May be there are exceptions.

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