It’s natural to wish for being near to your dear ones and to get to know that everything is fine with them. 

Olden days when a dear one is away, there was little that you can do, though you want to know how your loved one is doing! 

Any contact sometimes was through a common acquaintance who may tell you that he saw your loved one and everything is fine.

The postman was a welcome visitor those days as he could bring a letter from the loved one. 

Some other time you may get so passionate and travel to meet your loved one. 

But the fact was that the knowledge of the difficulties in establishing a contact took away the anxiety to a great extend. 

Funnily enough, I used to try ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) . I have mentioned this in one of my earlier blogs. 

The situation is totally different now. The loved one maybe physically away- be it 100 feet, 100 miles or thousands of miles away; you are always connected.

You know when your loved one is awake. You know when and where the person is at a given point of time. You know if the person has seen your message. And you’re alerted when the person contacts you or responds to you. 

But what if your efforts in a contact is unanswered! What when your loved one ignores your message! 

You then become victim of anxiety. 

You lose sleep. The heart beat could become faster/ irregular. Your concentration is gone for a toss. You become nervous.

You get the fear that your loved one doesn’t like you anymore. You search for a reason but there’s not any! 

But even if there is a good reason, you may want to ignore it as you are selfish. You want the precious relationship. 

What do you do? What are the choices?

1. Brood over it. Curse your luck/fate and become more depressed 

2. Believe.. if you’re sincere, committed and good hearted, you get reconnected… always.

Perhaps there are some techniques.

ESP, Prayer, Say 100 times and repeat that you will be contacted soon. 

Listen to your heartbeat and hear the person’s name. 

Compose a message from heart using the beat and send into the universe. 

Believe in the ‘law of attraction’ 

All is Well….


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