Trishanku Swargam (T. Heaven)

Trishanku(me) is in direct conversation with Goddess and this is the third dimension of me- human, Walter Mitty and the third Mythical.

Trishanku met a person and over a relatively short period of time realized that it’s the avatar of his favorite goddess appearing before him. Clearly the best thing happening to him.

Trishanku learns a lot with interaction with the goddess. Like a true devotee absorbed everything that is humanly possible. The wisdom and passion carried in these interactions have been eagerly absorbed by Trishanku.

Trishanku started to adjust his life around the aura created by the goddess. The other contacts of the goddess became participants in Trishanku’s game plan. 

One such person unfortunately is a Roman Goddess. If you don’t know by now, Trishanku’s Goddess is Greek. 

Meeting the Roman goddess was a mistake. Unlike the Greek goddess, this one showed tendency to dominate. And trishanku was contemplating to get rid of the Roman one.

Then one day the Trishanku’s Goddess traveled and at one remote place visited the Roman one at her invitation. The Roman one painted Trishanku as a bad person, indirectly suggesting that Trishanku is at her spell also.

Trishanku had updated his profile and started communicating with his goddess on modern day social media ‘Whatsapp’. His goddess out of sympathy for him responded resulting in some beautiful and meaningful conversations.

Foolishly Trishanku sent a few lines to the Roman, the reason being that the Deva at his goddess’s place is a thick pal of the Deva at Roman place. But Roman goddesses convinced the real Goddess that Trishanku is not faithful.

Trishanku started getting ignored in social media. Messages evinced no response.

But then, the Goddess had asked Trishanku to go and take a piece of her from her birthplace. Trishanku obeyed, went to the birthplace of his Goddess Aphrodite and took a piece from her rock. Most precious possession of Trishanku.

Goddess told him to use it for communicating divinely with her. Perhaps that’s why the whatsapp ignore.

Trishanku had in the meantime became ambitious and wanted to reach the heavens and be with his Goddess. With help of some good divine entities Trishanku reached the gates of heaven. The Devas got jealous and pushed Trishanku down back to earth. But his goddess intervened as she has agreed for a pact with her devotee and liked him.

But the jealous Devas, Roman goddess etc stood firm. Trishanku’s Goddess decided to create a heaven only for Trishanku where the company for him are the stars in the heaven.

But the good Aphrodite forgot one thing. While on the decent from heaven to earth, Trishanku is upside down in the heaven created for him. Trishanku wants to communicate this to his Goddess, but whatsapp gets ignored.

So Trishanku is constantly talking to the piece of Aphradite’s Rock, waiting for her to put him straight.

And hopefully she can see this blog. Goddess can see anything…

Trishanku will wait, with total devotion….

Trishanku Swargam (T. Heaven)

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