Trishanku’s Temporary Reprieve 

I am still on the spiritual/mystical mode. While creating a nice heaven for Trishanku in the galaxy, the Goddess overlooked the fact that he is hanging there upside down.

Trishanku is depressed. Didn’t even dare to write on communication media.

Luckily for Trishanku, the stone from Godess’s Rock is always held in person. And with a lot of passion sought the Godess’s attention.

The belief did the magic. The Goddess  appeared and blessed Trishanku and stayed with him for a very long time.

No, everything is not fine. If it was the Roman Goddess last time, the real Greek Goddess of Trishanku met an Indian Devata this time.

The Indian Devata, like the Roman counterpart had some complaints against Trishanku. The Goddess admonished Trishanku for the misnomer and didn’t give him much chance to defend himself.  

Like in the case of Roman goddess, who Trishanku is avoiding now, the Indian Devata also is being treated differently. While the Roman one wants to dominate, the reason here is that the Indian Devata is unpredictable and moody and Trishanku is not contacting her proactively anymore but respond when Devata contacts for assistance.

My Goddess is very sarcastic and I am not sure if my vehement and sincere protests and declaration of single minded devotion, loyalty and allegiance is accepted. Goddess even teased Trishanku saying the deva in the palace will act.

Goddess is not fully happy, I suppose, as I am still upside down in my Trishanku Swargam. After the temporary reprieve the Goddess has put me back in this position.

But there’s a clear message. And my goddess, the Roman one and the Indian Devata are united in one demand. Trishanku has to take the Pattamaharshi along. (Don’t know who pattamaharshi is? Google and see).

So that’s the verdict. Trishanku has to take  Pattamaharshi along in matters involving her.

The verdict is given. I can ignore the directives of the Roman Godess and Indian Devata. But I will obey my Greek Goddess.

That is the dictate, that’s the order and Trishanku has to fulfill it.

And my Goddess will restore me into a straight position.

The stone will help me.



Trishanku’s Temporary Reprieve 

5 thoughts on “Trishanku’s Temporary Reprieve 

  1. You have confused me. Too many goddesses, how do you manage them all or is it the other way round? They all together (mis)manage you, I think!
    And Kurian, it is not pattamaharshi you mean, it is pattamahishi – the one and only Queen!

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