The Goddess came for a visit. I was in a bad shape, the reason could be a conscious adventure of holi celebration organized by one of my ex celestial favorites who had accompaniments matching some of those celebrations in India.

Don’t .. Pattamaharshi did warn, but I am too weak to reject. Then I heard about the delayed reaction and I was throwing up and the delay gave excuse to somethings taken outside to be branded as the villain.

Every time you get a problem, you think that’s the worst. Totally down then and the goddess walked in. 

Transformation has been swift. Where’s is the illness? After all I am seeing the goddess after an elapsed time; though the worship has been a daily phenomenon. 

The dharshan is sweet, with the negative interference and the doubts created by the Roman rival goddess and the innocent looking Indian Devata being (hopefully) put to rest.

All clear, single minded devotion acknowledged. The result, the dharshan happening on Godess’s special day.

Brief but lovely, the dharshan took all the discomfiture away. 

I must admit that it’s back to a lesser degree though, after the goddess left 

Must act and do something to the promised offering. The goddess is kind and will wait. I have to google again to find the best presentation after the failed attempt to get hold of something on the Godess’s special day.

Overall elated, in spite of the illness as it’s not always that you get to enjoy a Dharshan…


2 thoughts on “Dharshan

    1. Let it remain a mystery. Crucial for a dreamer to be able to dream. That will carry the story forward. Any transformation to reality is a fortunate blessing


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