Personally Speaking..

Reflecting on this Good Friday, the first thing coming out very clear is that I am much much less inclined in the church related activities, but may be getting better and better as a person.

How do I know this? I don’t think it’s very difficult. You can see it yourself. You can see it on the people you interact with. I have managed to be a non controversial individual, not disliked by anyone.
Perhaps you may think why all these self praise. Well this is a critical self assessment and a statement of what I think which is important.

Then, am I just a nice person? Perhaps not ! And then being nice is not always the best. For we know, nice guys finish last.

That’s where a difficult configuration of the personality is carved out. I am sometimes jealous, but I have through some conscious efforts sort of managed to gain some antidotes. Some of the personal achievements helped.

I could not tolerate some people who I think are boring. Again some conscious efforts helped in me spending time with them.

I am empathetic. Now expanded with efforts taken to help others. There are many other good qualities which makes me happy about it.

But my visits to the church have declined considerably. But I think I may be a better person compared to many who are visibly religious. 

Then what’s wrong with me? Nothing actually as I don’t consider this as a mistake. For I don’t like to be called ‘uncle’. 

Anyone above the age of 19 and calling me uncle is offending me. And I don’t want to do anything with them.

After all I can make a choice…

Personally Speaking..

2 thoughts on “Personally Speaking..

  1. Ah, that is a relief , I have company. Even I believe I have become less and less religious over the years , but more reformed in character. The visible religion is just ritualistic and empty in content. But some of those sermons and practices we followed in early years might have rubbed off on us and contributed in making a better person.
    Woe to those Who dares to call you uncle, 😈

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