One Sided Soulmate!!

I was tossing over the idea of one sided love and possible one sided Soulmate, when something quite extreme happened yesterday!

(If there is a confusion how love/lover is different from Soulmate, please read my blog ‘Soulmate’).

99% of the female crowd and lions’share of the millions of women watching the cricket match fell in love with Virat Kholi. One sided love!

As teenager and college boy, I tend to create the phenomenon in its humble, simple way. Love for me was like changing shirt and I could fall in love many times in a day! However the concept of ‘breaking-up’ was not in my armory or there was no time. That way I perhaps created a few one sided ones. Okay either way!!!

Sticking to one person was like missing several opportunities.

When I grew up, I thought love could be an illusion. Many people thought they were in love and then struggle to get out of it (of course some of them). Some resign to fate and some find soulmates.

Then this revelation-soulmate need not be the lover. Great concept and could be lifesaver for many.

It is possible to be happily married and at the same time find the soulmate. If both are the same, you’re blessed. If not, then also you’re blessed as the soulmate will not be selfish, but will be there for you!!

Confused? I don’t blame you! If you look at it as just humans, it’s difficult. I tried to enact it bringing Walter Mitty- failure- can’t be!

Then I brought the third dimension; the spiritual and mythical one. Success!

In mythology, you can go for the Greek, Roman and Indian. (can work with others also). I brought in characters from all the three and it worked-cool.

Wait a minute! Is there a problem? I hope not. But like the one sided love, can there be a one sided Soulmate? 

I don’t know!!!

One Sided Soulmate!!

3 thoughts on “One Sided Soulmate!!

  1. The love all those women have for Kohli is ephemeral. The minute he fails to thrill by his play, it will melt away like the morning dew on sunrise.
    Soulmate is a different ball game. The situation you state is a little complicated. It is perfect when your spouse and soulmate happen to be the same. It is also manageable when the soulmate is the opposite gender to your wife. But it may be a difficult proposition when your soulmate is of the same gender as your spouse and your spouse is of the possessive or jealous nature!
    Also, I think the soulmate concept can be one sided too. I will consider a person as my one sided soulmate if I can be comfortable and at ease with the person in whom I can trust with my innermost thoughts and emotions, even when that opening up is not reciprocal. I have no comments on the mythical soulmate, though!

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    1. That’s a very good summing up. However reaching the perfect place ‘home’ as mentioned in the definition may require both to recognize each other as soulmates.


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