Back to Small Things 

I have been moving from ground to Walter Mitty and then to Mythology and just found that it’s time to get back to ground basics again.

Here there are a few small things giving better satisfaction and happiness.

To begin with it’s the virgin coconut oil. I have been reading with great satisfaction and happiness that the many good sides of the coconut and it’s products have been recognized backed by numerous positive research findings.

The anti coconut oil lobby is just killed. It doesn’t stop there, people are now talking about how good coconut oil is. (Anyone interested in a summarized 20 key benefits and how brushing with coconut oil-oil pulling, can improve your confidence; just ask me).

Then this news on CBS (I think) that coconut oil can reverse Alzheimer’s and you know what, Parkinson’s. Wow!!

Will that mean all our coconuts will go to the Yankees? Beware.

Oh well, all these good things are from virgin coconut oil. It’s available to buy. But how about making your own? Numerous DIYs videos in YouTube! Then why not Do It Yourself? Any adulteration worry on the costly products on the shelf is to be eliminated. 

Many sites and methods differ. So go to Wiki. WikiHow shows three methods. I am now a master of the boiling method. And I have started consuming home made virgin coconut oil. But are some of the benefits boiled out?

Tried the cold process. There are some challenges. Hopefully I will have all virgin cold pressed coconut oil, home made by your own master coconut fan by this weekend.

Small but immensely satisfying and happy thought….

Back to Small Things 

4 thoughts on “Back to Small Things 

  1. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s? OMG, the precious oil is going to vanish😒. Before that I have to learn to make it at home. But, first. I must have the nuts, right? So, Kurian , why don’t you plan(t) a coconut grove?

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