Blog Invitees…

When I thought about starting to blog, I didn’t think about some followers. I just wanted a stage to write somethings which may unleash some of my day dreams into the open. 

The site started churning statistics like how many people viewed the blog and how many liked what you posted and some even started to post comments. 

Just thrilled; to have followers who actually read and like your dreams!!

Then I got into the, Some sort of a strange mood. Yah, I just deciphered it- ego stage. I wanted maximum number of views, comments and likes.

Wishful thinking! It’s not easy. You are not Donald Trump to evoke curiosity or Salma Hayak to get fans. You are just you.

There is something that I always believed; that people like me. Then what’s the problem?

The problem is to attract them to view what I am writing. Should I get into my social media and invite everyone to view my blog site?

There could be a problem. Maybe!! Some of my contacts are; what would I say, controversial. They could bring politics into anything and I don’t want that on my page. Some others are self styled or if I give the concession- intellectuals and they also can bring in controversy.

You Kurian, then you want to play safe. So there is no harm in inviting your close friends to your blogs.

Well it worked well, and I have over 80 blogs and many many views etc etc. Not a major calculation but satisfactory. 

All is well!!

Then it happened; one of the followers felt that thou is an odd fit and started forwarding contents to one of those self styled and professed intellectual. And that intellectual goes- what the hell!!!

Should I bother? Ideally not, but I am. The reason is, this person reached out to me and requested permission to get into my parlor.

And the intellectual who is supposed to be close to me, became sarcastic with some of my closest friends about it. The question is; why not tell me if he thinks it’s funny!!

I have a mission here. I know, by writing about it, I have lowered my stature. But sometimes you have to fight when you are a man.

And after this post and looking for options to block the unwanted- I don’t care!!!

But please, please my dear friends; I want your support, view my blogs, mark like what you like and leave comments.

Oh YES!!!

Blog Invitees…

2 thoughts on “Blog Invitees…

  1. To want everyone to “wow” your offspring , howsoever ugly it may be, is just being human. But if everybody wows it , it is not real. There you go.
    To like or not to like is the readers’ prerogative, but to make fun of or ridicule is not acceptable. There I am with you Kurian on the defense side!😄

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